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Bernard Loredo is the commandant of Flotsam. He's a major villain of act 1 in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Geralt first encounteres him as he enters the village square only to see Dandelion and Zoltan on the scaffold about to be hanged. Geralt is faced with making an appeal to save his friends from the bloodthirsty mob. Geralt must rally the villagers to his side and defy the executioner.

He's a self-proclaimed ruler of Flotsam, he exploits the people of the town, he propagates hatred towards Iorveth and non-humans, he's also abusive towards local prostitutes. In secret he kindapped and sexually abused a elven woman Moril. He was offered gold for his town by a Keadveni spy and he accepted it. Depending on player's choices he can die from witcher sword or sell the town to foreign nation.

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