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Bernard Tulle is the main antagonist of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quest High Stakes.


Tulle is one of the participants of the gwent tourney at the Passiflora and payed the entry fee of 1,000 crowns. Geralt enters the tournament as well and, before the tournament begins, has the oppurtunity to talk to the other players. He takes a liking to jovial halfling Bernard Tulle, who introduces himself as a mushroom farmer who came to Novigrad just for the tourney. Opposed to the other players, Tulle claims to be in the tourney for the fun of playing, not for winning. When Lord Tybalt, the host of the tourney, choses which player will play against whom, he puts Tulle and Geralt together in the first match.

After Geralt has defeated Tulle, Tulle congratulates him and seemingly leaves the Passiflora. However, in truth he heads upstairs where the entry fee is guarded by a watchman. He stabs the watchman and steals the money. After Geralt has won the tournament, Tybalt is told that the money is missing and that a guard has been killed. If Geralt investigates, he can follow the traces to a warehouse at the docks where he sees Tulle, who is revealed not to be a farmer but a leader of outlaws. Geralt is forced to slay Tulle and the outlaws to get back his money.


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