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Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman is the deuteragonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket. He is a Principality of Zeon mobile suit pilot serving as a member of the elite Cyclops Team.

He was voiced by the late Kōji Tsujitani in the Japanese version, and by David Hayter and Adam Henderson in the English version.


Bernie was among the many young men and women conscripted into the Zeon military and was among the Zeon forces sent to engage the Earth Federation Forces in the Side 6 Libot colony, where he was shot down. After landing, Bernie met and befriended a young boy named Alfred "Al" Izuhara, who was excited to meet a mobile suit pilot like Bernie. Upon discovering that Al had video of suspicious Federation activity, Bernie offered to trade his Zeon rank badge in exchange for his video disc, which Al eagerly accepted.

Bernie later delivered the video disc with recording of Federation activity to his superiors, resulting in him being given a promotion and assigned to the elite commando unit known as the Cyclops Team.

However, the other members of the Cyclops Team looked at Bernie with disdain for being so young and at first only assigned him menial tasks, such as watching over Al to keep him from interfering or spilling anything about their operation.

Bernie and Al continued to become close friends, with Al soon coming to look up to Bernie as a surrogate older brother. Bernie later met Al's other friend and neighbor, Christina Mackenzie, after she mistook him for a burglar sneaking around Al's house and knocked him out. Despite the rough meeting, after Al cleared up the confusion and told Christina Bernie was his "big brother", Bernie and Chris became fast friends as well. The two eventually started to fall in love with each other, though neither would admit it.

However, unbeknownst to Bernie, Chris was actually the test pilot of the Earth Federation's new prototype RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" and Chris, likewise, was unaware of Bernie's status as a member of a Zeon commando team.

Eventually, the Cyclops Team commences Operation Rubicon, an initiative to either capture or destroy the Earth Federation's Alex Gundam prototype. While Mikhail Kaminsky created a distraction, Bernie, Steiner Hardy and Gabriel Ramirez Garcia disguised themselves as Earth Federation soldiers and infiltrated the Earth Federation testing facility where they were keeping the Alex Gundam. However, Bernie accidentally blows their cover and the rest of the Cyclops Team are discovered, resulting in Operation Rubicon being a disaster and most of the Cyclops Team being killed, leaving Bernie as the only survivor.

Upon Operation Rubicon's failure, the Cyclops Team's superior, Colonel Killing, goes forward with his own plan to destroy the Alex Gundam and eliminate the Earth Federation's presence in Side 6, a complete nuclear bombardment of the colony. Hearing of this, Bernie goes out in his Zaku to destroy the Alex Gundam himself, hoping that its destruction will cause Killing to rescind the order to nuke Side 6. In his Zaku, Bernie engages the Alex Gundam, which is unknowingly being piloted by Christina Mackenzie, and initially gains the upper hand in the battle due to his experience in combat. However, as Bernie and Chris are fighting, the Zeon fleet in Side 6 is intercepted by the Federation fleet before they can drop the nukes. Al attempts to stop the fighting between Bernie and Chris, but is too late. Just as he arrives, Chris plunges her beam saber straight through the Zaku's cockpit and into its reactor, triggering an explosion which kills Bernie and fries his corpse to the point of being "nothing but a pile of hamburger".

Later, when Christina leaves and tells Al to say goodbye to Bernie for her, Al agrees, keeping the truth from her that she unknowingly killed Bernie.


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