Bernhardt Rhodes

Bernhardt Rhodes (also known as Vesalius) is the main antagonist of the light novel and anime series Kaze no Stigma. He is the current leader of Armagest, an European magic organization that plans to gain power by sacrificing the innocent to powerful demons to aid their cause in taking over the world. As a side objective, Bernhardt has held a deep grudge against Kazuma for killing his previous master, Erwin Leszaar after he'd recently sacrificed Tsui Ling to a powerful demon. From then on, Armagest has made plenty attempts to avenge Erwin, first by sending Erwin's former subordinate, Michael Harley to deal with Kazuma and his group accordingly. Then after that attempt failed, Bernhardt sought to bring his nemesis the ultimate despair by using his magic to create a cloned version of Tsui Ling (Lapis) as his personal subordinate and to create the devious game known as Pandemonium.

He is voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi in the Japanese version of the anime and John Swasey in the English version.


4 years later, Bernhardt came back to revenge his master and destroy Kazuma. He elaborated a devious plan and created a web site game called "Pandemonium", in this game anybody who entered the web site was confronted with a simple single question: "Do you want power? if you answered yes a virtual Yomi (evil spirit) was downloaded providing you with supernatural powers, but at the final cost of your own soul, only that you would never know that or the fact that you were possessed by a demon. Then you would have to fight other users and killed them in order to achieve higher levels with the promise of the ultimate power that the Pandemonium would give you.".

Ren, Kazuma and Ayano discovered this plan and entered the Pandemonium to confront Bernhardt and Lapis, a cloned version of Tsui Ling made after the final thoughts she had when she was dying, but they were defeated, although they could scape unharmed. After these events Kazuma went berserk chasing Pandemonium players, some time later, and only thanks to Ayano, he could return to his true self.

A new Pandemonium appeared and again the three of them attacked the building only to find that the true objective behind the Pandemonium game was to gather enough soul to release, for a short time in Tokyo, Beliel, the demon king himself, but thanks to the effort of Kazuma, Ren and Ayano the demon was sealed again and Bernhardt´s plans and attempts for revenge were ruined. At the end, Bernhardt and Lapis had no other choice but to flee.

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