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Bernice Beachmont

Bernice Beachmont is one of the secondary antagonists of the Fillmore! episode "The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes". She is a student of X Middle School who was in league with Francine Bishop.

She was voiced by Rachel Crane.


Gina was first seen being very distraught to see that her Haley's Comet diorama has been shredded by an unknown figure, just before Lorenzo Amador and Gina Abbott had their own pet projects shredded by the same person.

However, this wasn't the case when the Safety Patrol (along with Francine's brother Frank, who was once a school profiler) found out that Bernice and the other victims were members of the X Middle School Drama Club along with Francine, and that they pretended to be distraught over the loss of their projects as they seemingly recovered from their losses while doing a scene for the school's upcoming musical. Frank soon learns that the shredding incident were nothing but ruses to help Francine get back at Vallejo and make him lose his job as Commissioner because of a certain mishap in catching a game scam artist named Chachi that resulted Frank's dismissal from the Safety Patrol.

Following Francine's defeat, it can be implied that Bernice, Francine and their friends are taken into custody, and were given either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


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