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Beron is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star.

He was voiced by Ikuya Sawaki.


Beron is first seen in his Class-A prison ordering the execution of prisoners for the empire to prevent them from joining the Hokuto Army. Just then, Ein arrives and holds his former boss captive to use as leverage.

When told to free the prisoners, Beron denounces Ein as a grunt. But just as Ein is about to pummel Beron, the top henchman, Ren holds the little girl Asuka at knifepoint. When Ren announces a high bounty on Ein, Beron offers to pay the reward money.

Ein appears to concede and is beaten up by Beron's club, then the warden trades places to Ren. When Ein begins to resist, Ren threatens to execute Asuka when Kenshiro shows up. After Ren is executed by Kenshiro, Ein asks the cowering Beron for the club, groaning from the pain before killing the warden by splitting his head in two.

In the anime, Beron's screentime is extended. He rewards Ren for good work and summons Ein to his chambers; The reason being that Kenshiro must be stopped at all costs. When Beron wishes to give Ein an army, the bounty hunter insists on taking care of Kenshiro alone although he accepts a fur coat as reward.

Later, Beron sees to his horror that his territory is in rubble because Ein aided and abetted the Hokuto Army. He then gives the order to abduct Asuka. Beron then gives instructions for Ein to meet with him in the desert, should he see Asuka alive.

Ein then engages Beron's henchmen and takes the warden prisoner as usual. Beron then tries to club Ein himself before the revolting bounty hunter resists. Ein then kills the warden like in the manga.


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