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The Berotha Magia is a HumaGear that was hacked to turn into a Magia and an antagonist in the first episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. He was originally a HumaGear named Fukkinhoukai Taro before the MetsubouJinrai.NET operative Jin hacked him by placing a ZetsumeRiser on him.


Fukkinhoukai Taro was originally created as a comedian-type HumaGear to entertain people. After delivering a humorous performance to crowd, Taro was approached backstage by Jin, who forcefully placed a ZetsumeRiser onto his waist which caused him to go haywire.

Taro then went back out to the audience and turned into the Berotha Magia before hacking the other HumaGears around him and going on a rampage. However, Kamen Rider Zero-One soon showed up and defeated him.

Later on, a replacement model resembling Taro took his place and began to do his comedian job, starting over from the basics.


  • The Berotha Magia is the first mantis-themed monster since the Mantis Amazon from the online horror web series called Kamen Rider Amazons.


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