Berryblue is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 anime film Dragon Ball Super: Broly. She is the overall second-in-command of the Frieza Force and is Frieza's right-hand woman, childhood nanny and most loyal attentant. 

She is voiced by Kimiko Saitō in the Japanese version and Veronica Taylor in the English dub.


Berryblue has blue skin and light purple hair. She wears a variant of the latest model of the Frieza Force Battle Armour. Her uniform is black with green shoulder and stomach plates. Under her armor, she has a white colored robe. She also wears black and green boots.




Berryblue joined the Frieza Force during King Cold's reign and over the years, she managed to attain higher rankings. Berryblue also served as Frieza's caretaker during his childhood. Many years later, She is present with Frieza and King Cold when they visit Planet Vegeta to announce Frieza taking is King Cold's place as the leader of his father's empire. Berryblue is among the surviving members of the Frieza Force after Vegeta's rampage across the galaxy searching for Goku and the subsequent crumbling of the Frieza Force without Frieza to lead.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly


  • Berryblue is one of the three most loyal minions (alongside Captain Ginyu and Sorbet) of Frieza, as all three have an undying loyalty to him.



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