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I'll suck your brains!
~ Berserker.

Berserker is a minor antagonist of the 2017 film Transformers: The Last Knight. He is a Decepticon captured by the TRF with the highest amounts of danger. The psychopath Berserker is the one that Megatron wants back among his ranks, but he knows that it is too high a price to negotiate.

He was voiced by Steve Barr.


Transformers hunting

Berserker would be one of the surviving Transformers of the Battle of Chicago. Agent Santos says that his entire team took a risk trying to capture each Decepticon, including Berserker himself, who due to his tenacity impressed the TRF so much that they had to keep it with plates in all their joints to avoid responding with a violent impulse , just like a psycho. When one of his captors removed his mouthpiece, Berserker responded violently, saying he would suck his brain.

Negotiating with Megatron

After releasing the Mohawk, Dreadbot and Nitro Zeus Decepticons, Megatron claims to love the latter, mentioning Berserker's name to be released. The lawyers immediately responded that Berserker would not leave, with William Lennox saying there were limits, so he demanded that the Decepticons leader choose another. Immediately, Megatron chose Onslaught, knowing that someone like Berserker had a great price that could not be negotiated.


Berserker has been forced to have plates all over his body to move a minimum muscle due to his psychotic way of being. Not much is known about this Decepticon, but it maintains a severe fear for the Transformers Reaction Force, with no ability to release it due to its tenacity. When the TRF soldier removed the mask from Berserker, he immediately responded with a violent act of wanting to suck of his brain.


  • Violent behavior - Berserker is someone impulsive to the limits of a psychopath, and although he did not see much of him, his simple way of being alerted humans to never let him out.

  • Transformation - like all transformers, Berserker has the ability to transform into an alternate mode that allows him to hide among human society.

  • Pressure plates - Berserker, being treated like a human with psychotic problems, was forced to use plaques on various parts of his body (including his own mouth) so as not to harm anyone. This allows humans to carry Berserker without problems because he could not move any part of his body besides violently shaking.

  • Relationships



    • He is the only Megatron's squad member to not die and also still imprisoned.


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