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The Berserker Tribe was a tribe of fierce Vikings led by Dagur the Deranged who served as the main antagonists of Dragons: Defenders of Berk and season 1 of Race to the Edge. They were one of the biggest tribes in the Barbaric Archipelago, who formerly were allies with Berk, before attempting to conquer them after realizing they had lied to them about dragons.


Berserkers were actual Norse warriors who fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury. Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

The Berserker Tribe determined to sign of an annual peace treaty with the Berkians during the time when peace treaties were distinct. Instead of Oswald the Agreeable, who was the chief of the tribe, his son appeared instead, making them very flabbergasted. Dagur is revealed to be the new chief of the tribe. Dagur explains his father Oswald is retired from his role as chief and bestowed it to him instead, despite Dagur being deficient as a chief.

Later, Dagur and the Berserkers leave the island of Berk, but inform the local Gobber to consider the Berkians to sign the treaty.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

Dagur is accompanied by the Berserkers to Dragon Island and learn him that they train dragons as loyalties. To Dagur this is an offence to him as he sees this and an opposal to killing dragons.

Stoick the Vast's grandfather told him stories that the Berserker Tribe had the knowledge to command a Skrill with a power with lightning, that be used to invade other dragons. This is why the icon on their flag is the Skrill, representing their former strength.

The Berserker Tribe formed an armada of ships for warfare. They discover one frozen within an ice cube and attempt unfreeze it. The Dragon Riders intervene however, and fight the tribe off. The dragon was free for good. But the dragon later became abducted by Alvin the Treacherous and the irate Berserker Tribe is led to form an alliance with the Outcast Tribe. However, Dagur decieves Alvin by manipulating the Skrill into loyalty to him. Dagur becomes chief of both tribes after betraying Alvin. The planned invasion however is ceased after Hiccup had placated the Skrill by reminding it of freeing it from it's ice prison.

The Skrill was however lost again. And the Berserker Tribe, who were in league with the Outcasts, devise and set up a trap for both Hiccup and Toothless. The trap however does not prevails, thanks to Toothless and Hiccup's efficient teamwork.

Johann was given a metal pile that was in fact a nest with the hatchlings of the dragon species Smothering Smokebreath. Smokebreaths have the ability to plunder every metal on an island, which meant all armor and weapons. With Trader Johann in the vicinty of Berk and him having a dragon unbeknownst in his hands, they could make Berk become defenceless. Fortunately, they inadvertently make the Smokebreath plunder their own weapons and armor, and even their ships.

A Dragon Root was however planted in the middle of the Dragon Academy arena. The dragons became belligerent towards each other with the poison of the planted blur in the arena. The Berserkers even manage to trap the entire clan of Dragon Riders in the arena. Dagur demands Hiccup to hand him over Toothless or suffer the consequences. Stoick and his tribesmen, however, fight off the Berserkers saving the riders. Stoick is however captured and taken to Outcast Island for hostility. Hiccup and Toothless attempt to rescue thier chieftain, but fail and are captured themselves. After believing hope was lost, Alvin aids the Berkians in rescuing their friends and manage defeating Dagur and Berserker Tribe, and send them all into imprisonmenet.

Dragons: Race to the Edge Season 1

After three years in jail, Dagur and most of the Berserker Tribesmen escape, using Johann's ship. Their first step was sailing to the Ship Graveyard to capture Dragon Riders, other than the clan on Berk. Afterwards, they stole the Dragon Eye artifact and skilde off with it for their criminal schemes.

Luckily, Hiccup reclaimed it and attacked Dagur and his men, winning the battle for the time being. Dagur go on to look for reinforcements to prevail against the retreats from the Dragon Riders and vanquish Hiccup for good.

Sometime later, Dagur's sister Heather is captured after her attempting to commit fratricide on him in revenge for annihilating her village. Hiccup and his riders rescue her and destroy the ship, winning the battle once again.

Dragons: Race to the Edge Season 2

Berk is assaulted by the tribe in order to kill riders and destroy the edge in order to restore precaution to their schemes on dragon exploitation. The attempt to destroy the edge was failed, despite Berk being invaded. A team of viking villagers assembled by Astrid Hofferson were stopped.

Later, Heather was proposed to join the tribe and join forces with the Dragon Hunters. The Dragon Riders were not so lucky as usual were against the hunters. Although, they managed to escape captivity after attempts to stop Berserkers and hunters. Another mission was contrived by the tribe to abduct Hiccup and reclaim the Dragon Eye.

Unfortunatley, for the attempt failed. The plan was invading the edge and capturing Hiccup, and it failed. Dagur together with Dragon Hunter Viggo Grimborn bond and start playing Maces & Talons. A game helping them increasing their stragedy.

Dragons: Race to the Edge Season 6

Berserker Island and the tribe is betrayed and attacked by felons Krogan, Johann, the Dragon Flyers and the Dragon Hunters. The revelation was a bewilderbeast was sleeping beneath the island.


The Berserkers commanded a vast armada of ships. According to the stories told by Stoick's grandfather, the Berserkers had the ability to command the power of the Skrill, using tethered harnesses to force the dragon to attack with lightning.


  • The Berserker's crest is a Skrill.


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