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Berserkers are antagonists appearing in season 4 of the TV show Teen Wolf. The Berserkers are humans who wear the skin and bones of bears. While wearing an animal's parts, they channel the animal's ferocity and becomes the animal themselves. However, their human side doesn't last very long due to not being tempered by the moon.


The Berserkers were first created by the were-jaguar Kate Argent after she escaped from the Mexican hunters. They served as her minions and occasionally Peter Hale's. They appeared to help Kate and Peter either attack Scott McCall and his friends or capture them. They were last seen when Kate captures Scott and Kira and takes them to Mexico. While one berserker went with Kate, the other one attacked Lydia and Mason and trapped at the Beacon Hills school. Kate even turned Scott into a berserker in the hopes that his friends would try to kill him. Both berserkers were eventually killed, as one was killed by Derek Hale and the other one killed by Sheriff Stilinski (by a bomb). During their deaths, their body's turned into dust which suggested that they weren't human.

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