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Berthold Gregor is an antagonist in the 2008 video game Valkyria Chronicles and it's 2009 anime adaptation.

He had a leg injury back when he and Radi Jeager fought on opposing sides during the first Europan War. He was voiced by Chikao Otsuka in Japanese and in English he was dubbed by Roger L. Jackson.

In the Game

At Girlandio he, Jeager, Selvaria Bles, and Maximilian were seen discussing about how to crush their Gallian enemies in the Second Europan War. Later, In at a Darcsen concentration camp in Fouzen, Gregor was seen shoving a worn-out old man. He and Zaka talked about some worker in Sector D being sick like a dog. Zaka tells him that working them too hard would end up all other workers dying. Gregor decided to let the worker rest, but for Zaka to have him return work as soon as he was able.

During the liberation at Fouzen, Gregor was aboard the armored train defending the capital for the Imperials. After the bomb got detonated by a gunshot, the bridge collapsed. It caused the train that Gregor was on to fall in the water. He himself died offscreen.


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