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I once planned to burn down your Fantasy Tree before I return to Britain... but when you spoke about that, I can only kill you. Everyone can become a god? Which means no one can be killed? Spare me. Where's the fun in that?
~ Beryl as he betrayed Kirschtaria and backstabbed him

Beryl Gut is a major antagonist in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt and presumably the main antagonist of the upcoming sixth chapter, Round Table Territory: ■■■■■■■■■. He is a former member of the A-Team of Chaldea and currently a member of the Crypters.

However, unlike all the others, even before joining force with the Alien God, Beryl is shown to be a sadisic, obsessive and treacherous man who has a backstory as a murderous psychopath, making him arguably the most deranged, unsympathetic and dishonorable member of the Crypters. He also shows an unhealthy obssession towards Mash Kyrielight and intentionally trying to make her his possession.



Unlike his more high-minded compatriots among the Crypters , Beryl does not display any interest in expanding his Lostbelt except as an extension of murderous hobbies. Even before his resurrection by the Foreign God, Beryl had apparently caused an incident by breaking into Mash Kyrielight's room, where he was forcibly removed by Romani Archaman.

He does not appear to have any respect or loyalty and very little compassion for the others, callously mocking Ophelia's death and betraying Kirschtaria the moment an opportunity arose. He does not even mention his servant during any of the first five Lostbelts, suggesting he does not share the camaraderie the other Crypters have with theirs.

Beryl has expressed a remorseless attitude towards humans, claiming an opportunity to hunt them down and murder them is a pleasure of living. Certain comments may also indicate partial misogynism.

Cosmos in the Lostbelt

Second Prologue


SIN: Land of Unified Knowledge


After the destruction of Norse Lostbelt, Kirschtaria summoned the remaining Crypters for another meeting, including a defeated Kadoc, who remained in Kirschtaria's Lostbelt. During the meeting, Koyanskaya arrived and started her pretentious weep for the demise of Ophelia Phamrsolone.

Disgusted, Hinako Akuta called out Koyanskaya as the latter's mourning was fake, claiming she was even more disgusting than the problems caused by Chaledea. Blaming Koyaskaya as the reason for Kadoc and Ophelia's downfall, Hinako also stated that she was relieved that Ophelia died so that Koyanskaya wouldn't got her Mystic Eye as a collection.

Irritated, Koyanskaya talked back at Hinako and satried her uncaring attitude towards Ophelia, causing Hinako to get enraged and lashed out at the fox-human, revealing sharpened fang inside her mouth. Before a fight could ensued, Peperoncino stopped them from quarreling, before bluntly stating his sadness over Ophelia's passing.

After both sides were settled down, Scandinavia Peperoncino then proposed a funeral attempt for Ophelia. However, Hinako rejected an idea of funeral, saying she already prepared a bunch of flowers to mourn Ophelia. Then, Hinako left for the Chinese Lostbelt, but not before she stated to Kirschtaria that she never wanted Koyaskaya to enter her Lostbelt ever again.

After Hinako left, Peperoncino stated the Crypters went into a problematic place, suggesting that everyone continue their business in their Lostbelts as usual. However, Beryl disagreed and left. Saddened by Ophelia's demise, Peperoncino asked to Daybit and Kirschtaria about their feelings upon Ophelia's demise. Daybit stated he had no feelings while Kirschtaria remained silent. Still in deep grief, Peperoncino left and prepared Ophelia's funeral alone, not knowing Kirschtaria was silently mourning Ophelia.

Fifth Lostbelt

Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans

At the beginning of Atlantis chapter, Beryl appeared in another meeting with Kirschitaria and reported about his new movements. When being asked about the Arthurian Lostbelt, Beryl informed to Kirschitaria that he manipulated the Knights of Round Tables there to chop down the Fantasy Tree there. Beryl revealed that it was his last resort in order to prevent a powerful threat lying within it to manifest, something so strong that could even be a potential threat to the Alien God himself. However, somehow the Lostbelt still existed and Kirschitaria wondered what was going on there.

In addition to that, Beryl also revealed that he was working with a mysterious "little princess" in the Arthurian Lostbelt, who somehow was never bothered when Beryl revealed his true nature as an espionage to her. Instead, she intended to have fun with Beryl with a cheery face. Even as a psychopathic killer, Beryl was so terrified by the princess' unsettling behavior that he scrambled himself out of the Lostbelt as soon as possible.

Olympus: Interstellar City Mountains

Beryl appears as a pivotal major antagonist in Olympus chapter. He first appeared inside Zeus' palace and discussed certain matters with Aphrodite, but is secretly plotting his own agenda. He originally tried to burn down the Fantasy Tree of Lostbelt No. 5, but after discovering Kirschtaria's plan to immortalize the entire humanity so that everyone can live happily forever, he changed his idea.

After Kirschtaria and Caenis' defeat at the hands of Chaldea crew, Beryl seized the chance and betrayed Kirschtaria, revealing his true nature and saying he is now hunted down by the King of British Lostbelt, who discovered Beryl's treachery that doomed their land through manipulating their residents to destroy their own Fantasy Tree.

During the confrontation, the King of British Lostbelt fired their attack with Rhongomyniad. The powerful beam struck through dimensions and went straight towards Olympus. Kirschtaria attempted to block such attack, but Beryl seized the chance and backstabbed Kirchtaria, revealing his plan to betray Kirschtaria all along and calling Kirschtaria's plan as boring. After mortally wounded his former leader, Beryl escpaed the Olympus Lostbelt with Koyanskaya's assistance, returning back to the crumbling British Lostbelt for unknown purpose.

Because of Beryl's treachery, Kirshtaria was mortally wounded and later sacrificed himself to save Ritsuka, thus scattering the entire Crypter team. Kadoc managed to survive thanks to Kirei Kotomine/Rasputin, who followed his promise earlier to Anastasia to keep Kadoc safe, and placed him under Chaldea's protection as they left the crumbling Greek Lostbelt for further plans. Meanwhile, after destroying the final replica of Caster Limbo, the redeemed Peperoncino decided to turn against the Alien God and go on his own path to other Lostbelts, in order to avenge his fallen leader.

Round Table Territory: ■■■■■■■■■

Coming soon!


  • Beryl is often regarded as the most evil and immoral Crypter. He is the only Crypter who shows no regards or loyalty even towards his own, as he has a backstory of an implied chornic backstabbing disorder. His Lostbelt has the deepest divergence depth of an EX level. He is also the first Crypter who attempted to destroy his own Lostbelt instead of secure it.


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