Betelgeuse was a fictional ghost from the 1988 movie Beetlejuice. The movie was so popular, a cartoon loosely based on it aired for three years. Due to being a ghost, Betelgeuse has been seen with the Ghostbusters in several attractions at Universal Studios. In the early 90's, there was a performance at Universal Studios where he appears on the ledge of a building, asking civilians if they want to play strip Scrabble with him. The Ghostbusters then arrive on the scene. Betelgeuse encourages the boys in gray to come in after him. We hear crashing sounds and desks and lamps come out of the windows. After all of the calamity, the Ghostbusters exit the building holding a smoking trap obviously containing Betelgeuse. Another performance years later called Extreme Ghostbusters: The Great Fright Way had Betelgeuse at the Firehouse and singing a mocking parody of the song New York, New York. Then the "Extreme Ghostbusters" arrive to trap him, but instead get possessed by Betelgeuse and perform a flambuoyant lip synch concert. After the performance is over, Betelgeuse and the Ghostbusters ride away in Ecto-1. A similar performance in 1991 had the original Ghostbusters find Betelgeuse and attempt to trap him. First, Betelgeuse attempts to trick them by making them think the client is the ghost. When that doesn't work, Betelgeuse makes the Ghostbusters lip synch Ain't No Mountain High Enough and M.C. Hammer's U Can't Touch This. Eventually, Slimer slimes Betelgeuse and the Ghostbusters bust Beteleguse offstage.

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