I want the goddamn crown, and you're gonna help me get it. Because the star kicker, and the cheerleading captain, are what I like to call high school royalty.
~ Beth to Tony.
Ever since you showed up, Tony hasn't even looked at me. And I look incredible every damn day. I don't know what kind of spell you cast on him, but I'm not about to let some trashy transfer stop me from getting my crown AND MY MAN! 'Cause you know, some things are... meant to be. It's called destiny, ever heard of it? And you, well, you're destined to be locked up. Good luck getting to the game tonight, new girl.
~ Beth's raging breakdown as she prepares to trap Sage in the hallway to keep her from getting to Homecoming.

Beth is the main antagonist of Zeno Mountain Farm's first feature-length film Best Summer Ever. She is a conniving high school girl determined to secure her power and become Homecoming Queen of Mount Abe High School.

She was played by MuMu in her first villainous role.


Beth is first introduced strutting into the hallway and striking fear into the hearts of teachers and students. She comes across Tony Michaels, star quarterback for Mount Abe's football team and attempts to seduce him so he can become her king. Cody Humphreys, the school meathead, arrives to tell Beth about Sage, a new student and the spirited daughter of drug dealers. Beth introduces herself to Sage and taunts her for her Vermont heritage. Sage tells the other girls, including her new friend Nancy, about her summer at Lakeview Dance Camp with her friend Anthony. Driven by jealousy, Beth shows severe dislike for the girl.

After discovering that Sage and Tony met at dance camp, Beth senses the perfect opportunity to claim her destiny. She and Cody devise a scheme that involves bringing down Sage and Tony to secure their power. Beth injures Nancy by slamming the door on her arm, breaking it. She then lies to Sage that Nancy was killed in an accident so the latter can take her place on the cheerleading squad. Meanwhile, Cody swipes Tony's cell phone before handing it to Beth.

At the pep rally for the Mount Abe Eagles, Beth humiliates Sage in front of the whole school by giving her a sign that says "MOO!" on it. When Tony goes off to find Sage, he runs into Beth, who tosses him his phone and blackmails him by threatening to put the photos of him dancing on blast if he refuses.

After Sage and Tony reveal their secrets and talk about their overwhelming upbringings, an envious Beth, knowing that Sage has no phone or social media, slips Cody's phone into Tony's backpack to track his and Sage's whereabouts. She follows the phone signal into the forest, where she discovers that Sage's moms are growing medicinal marijuana. The following day, she puts up Homecoming posters with her and Tony on it. Beth pressures Tony to join her for Homecoming and threatens to spread the pictures she took of the weed if he doesn't comply. Not wanting to turn Sage over to the police, Tony goes along with Beth's offer.

The next day, Beth calls the police and tells them about Sage's family's drug dealing in an attempt to get her arrested. She taunts Sage, telling her she will take pleasure watching her get taken away. Out of revenge, Sage tosses Beth's phone into the toilet and flushes it. With that, Beth flies into a blind rage.

After Tony outwits Officer Gorinsky, the town cop, by switching the cannabis for sunflowers, he and Sage head back to school for the homecoming game. Unfortunately, Beth chains up two of the doors in the hallway and confronts Sage, ready to lock up the other doors. Nancy bursts through the door and slams Beth against the wall, giving Sage enough time to escape to get to Homecoming and help Tony.

In the end, Tony surprises the audience with a beautiful dance and wins the Homecoming game. As the whole school celebrates, Beth, clutching an ice pack to her face, watches on in anger. She laments over losing her chances of winning Homecoming Queen and gets smacked in the face with a football. Even after dancing with the other students in the celebration, Beth fumes over her failed plan.


Beth is conniving, selfish and used to having her way. Obsessed with becoming Homecoming Queen, she has no qualms about blackmailing others and even resorting to violence to get what she wants. Beth is cunning and manipulative, as she uses lies and seduction to secure her reputation at Mount Abe High School. In addition, Beth cares little for no one else, as she emphasizes that by feigning sadness after lying to Sage about Nancy's supposed "death." She is also consumed by jealousy towards Sage and despises her for her relationship with Tony. Even at the end, Beth shows not an ounce of remorse for her actions throughout the whole film, and when things don't go her way she'll try and make it happen one way or another.



  • When Beth sings "Hold me closer, Tony dancer." as she taunts Tony, this is a reference to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer".
  • MuMu, who plays Beth, also helped create the songs for the film.
  • The song that plays when Beth enters the hallway is "Battlecry", one of MuMu's songs.
  • In the original script, Beth injures Nancy by kicking a ladder out from underneath her, which causes Nancy to fall and break her arm.
  • In the climax, Beth was going to trap Sage by putting a padlock on her wheelchair, before being knocked out by Nancy, and her initial comeuppance in the finale was being relegated to mascot duties as punishment for her actions.
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