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Bethany is a supporting antagonist of the webcomic Daddy's Girl by Mike MacDee.

Beth is a tall, athletic black woman with long, ravishing hair and a cruel face. Though she only appears in one long scene, she is arguably the most important character, as she is the catalyst for the rest of the plot. She is a Catfight champion alongside rival Lizzie Branco, whom she hates with an undying passion.

She is a thug through and through, always belittling her peers and pushing around everyone else. She is a formidable fighter who favors brute force and surprise attacks. She doesn't suffer fools lightly and, when drunk, doesn't think twice about beating up anyone who so much as annoys her.

Daddy's Girl

Bethany's only scene in the webcomic is in the Irish pub, where she and her friends get increasingly and uncontrollably obstreperous, drunk, and rowdy, which culminates in Beth accidentally launching a cue ball through a window during a game of pool; the accident merely causes Beth and her friends to burst into laughter.

The pub staff doesn't find it so funny, and her terrified waitress Rose tries to convince the imposing woman to pay for the damages. Bethany responds with lewd remarks and physical violence. Having already had a terrible day, Andy Wilcox switches tables with Rose in order to let off some steam: she splashes beer in the group's faces, then demands they not only pay for the broken window, but also apologize to her coworker. Bethany tries to club Andy with a beer mug and initiates a brutal 3-on-1 brawl.

Beth trashes the bar further trying to kill Andy, but is eventually subdued. She is last seen trying to talk her way out of trouble at the police station.


  • Bethany's appearance is based on that of Missy Elliot.