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Bette and Dot Tattler are conjoined siamese twins who worked for Elsa Mars at her dying Freak Show and were performers in Fraülen Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities. They appeared in the fourth season of American Horror Story (Freak Show). Bette later married Jimmy Darling and both her and Dot were expecting a child before Freak Show ended. 



Prior to Freak Show, Bette and Dot spent their entire lives isolated in their mother's home and were not allowed to go out in public.  For many years, their mother was mean and harsh to the Twins. Even though she was trying to protect her daughters, she showed it in a hurtful way, although she was hiding them to keep herself from also looking like a freak.  Days before the events of Freak Show, Bette confronted their mother about how they never leave the house. Their mother and Bette shout at each other, and eventually she was killed with a knife. Later in the night, the other twin stabbed the other as punishment. 

In Freak Show

After Bill Palmer discovers the wounded girls and their dead mother, they are brought to the hospital and are stabilized. As homicide suspects, they remain under guard during their convalescence. They are visited by Elsa Mars who, after earning their trust, convinces them to flee the hospital to join her troupe of freaks and become their new star attraction.

There they meet their new family, from the frightening Meep to Jimmy Darling, whose charm gets a smile out of even Dot. However, charm isn't enough to convince her to be a "trained monkey" and she refuses the meals brought by Jimmy's bearded mother Ethel, whom she describes in her diary as the "Sasquatch champion of law and order in this hellish sty".

With a banner on the road advertising The Spectacular Siamese Sisters, it isn't long before the girls are discovered by a detective who places them under arrest as suspects in the murder of their mother as well as a string of homicides actually committed by Twisty the Clown. Jimmy comes to their rescue and, angered by his bigotry, kills the officer. Afterward, he rallies the carnies into an orgy of mutilation of the cop's body. This solidifies the family bond for the twins. When after their first performance they are propositioned for purchase with a price of $15,000 by Dandy Mott - who with his mother Gloria were the only few members of the audience and express interest to the freaks especially the twins (Bette in particular), they refuse.[1] Bette becomes jealous of Dot after she proves to have a better singing voice and Dot begins to dream of being separated from her sister so she can be a star.[2] When Stanley pretends to be from Hollywood and pitches a show idea to them, he offers them a pair of cupcakes which he has injected with poison hoping to sell their body for profit, Dot refuses for both of them saying that they need to watch their figure. The twins discuss with Elsa about Stanley's plans and the promises he's made for each. After her failed performance in front of a new live audience; Elsa, who has a strong desire for fame when she expresses jealousy of the twins' popularity and attention, attempts to get rid of the Tattlers by selling them to the Motts.

While the twins are at the manor, Bette starts to fall in love with Dandy while Dot is not amused by him and hates him. She believes he is boring until he tells them about the Brody twins and Dot pretends to like Dandy to get money and pay for the separation surgery. Dot has a vision of her being without Bette, who died in surgery, while she talks in a bar with Jimmy. Sadly to Dot, this would only partially happen.

Jimmy goes to get the girls from the manor but Dandy protests and once Jimmy realizes that Dandy is the deranged clown, he tells the girls to leave with him. After Dandy explains he read Dot's diary, she decides to leave and Bette goes with her. After Jimmy's performance, he goes to Elsa about how she sold the twins but Dot lies and said that she wanted to leave. The twins go to Else's tent later and explain the money they want since they protected Elsa from Jimmy. Later on, Bette gets a new makeover and they discuss their performance with Elsa but Dot doesn't care to much.

After Ethel finds out Elsa's evil plan, she takes the girls to a motel where they can be safe. Elsa and Stanley track the twins down and say a mob killed Ethel and they take them to a remote shed in the middle of the feilds. Once the others leave, Bette and Dot confess there love for each other and their sacrifices they will make for each other. Later on that night, Bette as Dot go to Jimmy to confess their love but Jimmy denies saying he has a girlfriend and the twins understand and leave. 

After Jimmy is arrested, Maggie goes on her tent to sit and drink but the twins are there and they offer the money to save Jimmy but they can't go to save him since they are freaks but Maggie says she will think about it.

Bette and Dot now spend their time at the freak show burning their diaries and kissing Toulouse. After Chester comes, the twins quickly have a liking. Chester goes to see the twins and he tells them about cool items for magic tricks Paul showed him and he gives them a music box. Chester asks them to be his assistants and they agree. At Chester's first show, the twins are seen helping him. The twins visit Chester and massage him and they have sex starting a relationship between them.

The twins appear at Stanley's thank you party but the tables turn and they proceed to kill him. Chester and the twins have sex and they get him to remove Marjorie which he does. Dandy goes to the girls and explains Chester's past much the girl's surprise but they don't believe him and they tell him to go. Chester later rehearses with the freaks and he tried to saw the twins in have and they leave afraid. Once the twins find out the freaks' evil plan, they warn Elsa running in on her not having legs confused but stern about her leaving which she does.

After Dandy's killing spree, he kidnaps the twins and he takes them to the manor. They get married but the twins invite Desiree and Jimmy who knock Dandy out. The freaks watch Dandy die and they tell him that they hate him. The twins are last seen married to Jimmy, expecting a child, watching Elsa perform on television. 


Bette and Dot both are nearly identical in appearance, both having chin-length straight reddish brown hair usually contained with a headband. They usually have different colored headbands and wear colorful dresses.


Bette is usually very sweet and gentle, craving fame and luxury, and most importantly, freedom from her restrained life. Dot, on the other hand, is stern, withdrawn, and somewhat protective of herself and her sister. She is usually the one that makes the more important decisions and tries to show dominance over Bette. 

They also can communicate through thoughts alone and upon discovering sexual acts begins to throw themselves at the men they are attracted to. 

They are also around 30 years old.


  • During the development of Freak Show, the prototypes of Bette and Dot show them having hairdos similar to Lana Winters'
    • This is because all three characters are played by Sarah Paulson.


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