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The Better Camping Bureau is the main antagonistic faction of the computer game The Pink Panther: Passport to Peril.


The Better Camping Bureau are three greedy and sinister dogs who pretend to help Camp Chilly Wa-Wa, a camp for children of different countries. In reality, their grand scheme involves shutting down the camp so they can build a burger restaurant.

When the Pink Panther goes camping at Chilly Wa-Wa to take care of the children, he notices that the children are acting strangely. Aided by Von Smarty, an inventor, Pink goes on a journey around the world to find a way to help the kids. The Better Camping Bureau tries to stop our hero, but he outsmarts them every step of the way. Throughout the game, the members of the Better Camping Bureau carry out their plot to bring the camp to ruins. 

After he finishes his quest, Pink discovers that the camp has been shut down, is falling into decay, and that the children have been kidnapped and replaced with robotic replicas programmed to hate Camp Chilly Wa-Wa no matter what happened. He also discovers that the Better Camping Bureau and the head counselor are working together.

Taking a bunch of evidence, Pink confronts the leader of the gang, who orders his thugs to capture him. He manages to escape in the cellar, where he discovers a suction pump and uses it to capture the evil dogs. Lucky for Pink, he manages to free the children, who have been imprisoned under the surface of the lake. As for the Better Camping Bureau, their plot is foiled and Camp Chilly Wa-Wa is saved.

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