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Betty de Famme is a character from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice, who appears in the episode The Magical Turnabout. She is a stage magician that makes up one-half of a duo with her twin sister, Bonny. She assisted Roger Retinz with his malicious prank against Trucy Wright and was unintentionally the one who caused Manov Mistree's fatal stabbing through Retinz's manipulations.




Betty is an archetypical "evil twin". While her sister, Bonny, is generally kindhearted, caring, and calm, Betty is the exact opposite, displaying herself as wicked and malicious, as well as becoming easily irate. She bullies her sister a lot, oftentimes calling her pathetic and hurling verbal abuse at her. Betty harbors an intense hatred for Trucy Wright, which caused her to find pleasure in making her suffer. This hatred actually stems from her admiration of Trucy, but it is also the cause of jealously towards her. She is shown to be rather overblown with her general anger, throwing out opprobrious insults that are borderline childish.

Despite her nature, her sister claims that Betty would never stoop to the level of murdering anyone. This is seen when she appeared to feel genuinely disturbed when she found out she had unknowingly aided Retinz in triggering Mistree's murder. Eventually, it becomes clear to Trucy's half-brother and attorney, Apollo Justice, and his friend and co-counsel, Athena Cykes, that Betty is being set up as a potential scapegoat in case the true culprit cannot get Trucy convicted. Indeed, they manage to find out about Retinz's culpability, saving both Trucy and Betty.


  • Betty comes from "batty", in reference to her "batty" and evil personality. Whereas her sister is a typical bouncy bunny girl, she is a bat variation of the concept.
  • Betty and her sister, Bonny, are the only two witnesses in the main games to give a multi-witness testimony, when they testify at the same time about Betty's actions understage. This had previously occurred only in the crossover with Professor Layton and the Japanese-exclusive spinoff Dai Gyakuten Saiban.


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