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I wanted to be the last person alive, but...I just want to die now. Kill me. Ally, please. I'm begging you. I helped ruin your life. If Kai told me to, I would have killed you and gotten a cheeseburger right after.
~ Beverly confessing her crimes to Ally Mayfair-Richards.

Beverly Hope is a major antagonist of American Horror Story: Cult. She was a news reporter and joined the cult of Kai Anderson because of the social prejudice she suffered for being an African-American woman, but later she rebelled against Kai after she discovered his goal was merely self-serving.

She was portrayed by Adina Porter, who would later portray Dinah Stevens in another American Horror Story season, Apocalypse.


Beverly Hope is a broadcast news journalist. When Kai Anderson begins to build his Cult, he sees potential in Beverly. He goes to her and tries to convince her to join his side. In order to fully convince her, Kai murders Beverly's archrival, Serena Belinda, while donning a clown costume. Beverly realizes it was him and agrees to join the Cult.

As a member of the Cult, Beverly adopts the identity of the Pentagram clown. She assists Kai in multiple deeds, such as scaring Ally at the supermarket, breaking into her home, as well as the murders. Beverly essentially acted as Kai's chief enforcer and right-hand woman, aside from Winter.

After Kai expands upon his Cult and adds on multiple male members, Beverly begins to feel neglected and schemes against Kai behind the scenes. After Winter kills Detective Samuels, she blames the murder on Beverly and Kai puts her in solitary, with Ally Mayfair-Richards now taking on the identity of the Pentagram clown.

In the end, Beverly manages to escape the Cult and joins Ally against Kai. She is the one who ultimately ends up killing him.


  • It is unclear if she was the Pentagram clown who assisted in killing Gary or if it was Ally.


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