Beverly jones
Beverly Jones
is the antagonist of the All Grown Up! episode 'Susie Sings the Blues'. She is a con artist posing as a talent agent, and ultimately cons Susie Carmichael out of $1,000.

While witnessing Angelica and Susie auditioning, Beverly compliments Susie on her singing, and asks her if she has an agent. She tells Susie that she is a talent agent and gives her her business card. Susie is thrilled about being a pop star, but her parents are not enthusiastic about it. Susie's friends encourage her to audition again. Susie calls Beverly and asks for another audition. At the second audition, Beverly is thrilled with Susie's singing and claims that she has ties to Pouty Girl Records. Susie is excited about this, thinking that her dreams of being a pop singer are about to come true.

However, things take a turn for the worse once Beverly tells Susie that she needs $1,000 from her so she can hire musicians and rent a studio. Susie is shocked about this, but agrees to get the money. She convinces her sister Alisa (who is unwilling at first because she is looking to buy a house) to give her $1,000. Susie returns to Beverly, who gives her an address to show up at.

Susie shows up on time for her record deal, but is shocked to find the building at the address abandoned - a man who works at a nearby building tells her there's never been a record company at the address. Susie then realizes that Beverly had been lying to her all along and conned her out of $1,000.

It is unknown if Beverly was ever punished for conning Susie.


  • Beverly is voiced by Kath Soucie, who also voices Phil, Lil, and Betty on the same show.
  • When Susie returns home and tells Alisa about what happened. Alisa tells Susie that worse things could have happened than losing $1,000 and that Beverly could have taken it a lot farther than she did. What she means by this is never specified, although it is possible that she was afraid that Beverly could have tried to molest Susie.
  • It is implied that Susie was not Beverly's first victim, and that Beverly had conned other girls in the past.