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I choose death...I can destroy your kingdom, Bane, by murdering your subjects, and I can starve your kingdom, Myrkul, by staying my hand.
~ Bhaal

Bhaal, also known as Niynjushigampo and the Lord of Murder, is a former evil deity in Dungeouns & Dragons franchise, serving as a major antagonist in Forgotten Realms segment.

In the past, he was the widely feared, Faerûnian god of violence and ritualistic murder. He is also one of the Dead Three alongside Myrkul and Bane. However, his reign of terror was temporarily put to an end after Cyric murdered him, though his followers had worked out trying to revive him.

He also served as the titular overarching antagonist of the video game Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal and the overall main antagonist of the entire Baldur's Gate series as a whole, being responsible for the birth of Bhaalspawns.


Bhaal is one of the most reviled and hateful deities in the franchise, reviled by mortal beings and many other gods alike. He is a murderous and sadistic deity who uses his dogma to encourage his worshippers, composed by assassins and criminals, to commit murder on innocent people as their tribute to him.



  • Because of his relations to the concept of homicide and murder, Bhaal is often considered to be the most hateful and horrible member of the Dead Three. He is considered to be even worse than Myrkul, since whilst Myrkul is also a horrible deity, the concept of death itself is neutral and is only abused by Myrkul.