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Biana Bully

Biana Bully is the main antagonist of the Fillmore! episode "Nappers Never Sleep". She was the leader of the X Middle School Cheerleading Squad.

She was voiced by Shanie Calahan.


Biana used to be best friends with Lorriane Almaden as they both joined the cheerleader squad together. However, Lorriane left the squad to become friends with a shy and withdrawn boy named Everett Konquist. Feeling betrayed as she thinks that Lorriane is spending more time with Everett than with herself, Biana decided to end the relationship between Lorrian and Everett.

In order to do so, she stole Everett's digital pet named Duappy (which Lorriane was briefly taking care of) and pinned the blame on Lorriane by planting the latter's Happy Cat crowbar near Everett's house. She also planted a note of Duappy's death on Lorriane's desk, and when Fillmore and Third found the crowbar while Lorraine found the note, Everett felt betrayed and broke his friendship with Lorriane.

However, Fillmore and Third saw through the school's yearbook, spotting several photos of Biana and Lorriane when they were in the squad. Suspecting that Biana may have something to do stealing Duappy, the duo found out that Biana had kept the digital pet inside her purse the entire time. They chased her down to the swimming pool, where she threatens to drop Duappy in the water while moping about the loss of her friendship with Lorriane. Biana tried to throw Duappy into the pool, but Fillmore catches it and gives it to Third, much to Biana's distraught.

Biana is then taken into custody and is given detention for her villainous actions.


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