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Bianca is a minor antagonist in Thats So Raven. she is Raven's bullied nemesis who took alana's place in season 3.

she was portrayed by Erica Rivera in her first villainous role.


Ever since Alana got kicked out of Bayside, Bianca took over her new role as the mean girl. She was so bad She got kicked out of Military school. Ever since she started going to Bayside, she immediately began to torment Raven, Her Friends, & Family Even going so far as to follow her home and hit her with dodgeballs. One Day, During gym, Raven accidentally hits Bianca in the face with a dodgeball (which litterly "Knocked the bad out of her", as Chelsea put it). She turns good for a week, but because of that event, her former posse target Raven as their new leader. She returned to her old self in the end of the episode after Raven falls on her from a rope. it is unknown what happened to her afterwards, as she does not appear for the rest of the two seasons, & Muffy Would later take her place.

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