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Too Late! I Don't Like you Already.
~ Bianca being mean to Raven

Bianca is a minor antagonist in That's So Raven. she is Raven's bullied nemesis & probably Alana's Sister who takes Alana's place in Season 3.

she was portrayed by Erica Rivera in her first villainous role.


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Boyz in Commotion

Bianca first appears when Muffy tells Raven that Bianca feels that she didn't know the Boyz in Commotion. Raven asks Muffy why isn't Alana with them. Muffy explains that Alana "was so bad", she was sent to military school, & that Bianca "was so bad",  she got kicked out of military school.

Gettin' Outta Dodge

Bianca later appears in "Gettin Outta Dodge" where she & her crew throws a dodgeball at the girls During gym.

however, Raven accidentally hits Bianca in the face with a dodgeball (which literally "Knocked the bad out of her", as Chelsea put it).

She turns good for a week, but because of that event, her former posse target Raven as their new leader. She returned to her old self at the end of the episode after Raven falls on her from a rope which causes her and Muffy, and Loca to dodge Raven (which failed due to Raven escaping all the way to her house to hide in her room). it is unknown what happened to her afterwards, as she does not appear for the rest of the two seasons, & Muffy would later take become Raven's nemesis in Season 4.


  • What actually happened to Bianca afterwards was unknown, but it is likely that she was punished by her parents.

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