Bianca (Supergirl)
Bianca is the henchwoman of Selena from the Supergirl movie. Although largely a weak woman and subordinate to Selena's schemes, she does have a sence of realism, thinking it would be difficult, if not impossible, to achive world domination. Just like Otis, She told her boss, Selena that the female Kryptonian is Supergirl (Superman's Kryptonian cousin) who also survived from the destruction of the planet Krypton.

At the end of the movie Selena and Bianca are confident they have imprisoned Supergirl in the phantom zone. They were both dressed extravagantly as they plot world domination, Bianca wore a low cut silky black evening dress and lots of diamonds. However Supergirl escaped the phantom zone and faced Selena. Bianca showed that she was a coward and tried to escape saying "I think I'll be going if you'll excuse me". Selena punished Bianca for her cowardice by sending her flying backwards against a wall screaming in terror. As Supergirl and Selena battle each other Bianca cowered away. She hid in the corner when Supergirl created the whirlwind that engulfed Selena. Unfortunately for poor Bianca the whirlwind also caught her and sucked her up too. Bianca cried out "Nooooooooooo no" as she was also dragged in. One final scream was heard from Bianca as she is pulled, along with Selena, through the mirror and imprisoned in the phantom zone. She is also played by Brenda Vaccaro.

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