Bianca Ruiz

Bianca Ruiz was the main antagonist of the Season 2 episode "Sympathy for the Goddess" from the TV series Lucifer. She is a powerful crime lord that uses a business as a front for human trafficking, drug smuggling and weapon racketeering.

She was portrayed by Carolina Gómez.


Bianca at some point started a criminal empire that involved her using her legal company Ruiz Real Añejo Tequila as a front for trafficking humans, weapons and drugs. Her actions got her on the L.A.P.D.'s most wanted list. She also became a client and friend of Charlotte Richards.

At a party, Bianca was approached by Charlotte (who was now secretly possessed by Goddess) that her youngest son Chet had killed one of her subordinates Zeke Moore. Little did she know that Detective Chloe Decker was at the party as well and was working with "Charlotte" to expose her crimes. After Bianca learned that the police had Zeke's phone and could use it to expose her and her son, Bianca confronted "Charlotte" as she learnt that she wanted something from him. She agreed to give her the item she wanted in exchange for her to give her Zeke's phone.

Later, "Charlotte" brought the phone to Bianca to retrieve the item. Little did she know that "Charlotte" was part of a sting operation and the L.A.P.D. arrived to arrest her for her crimes. She then swore to make "Charlotte" regret betraying her.


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Bianca Ruiz
Bianca Ruiz


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