I will crush this petty world in my iron grip!
~ Bianca Stone

Bianca Stone is the main antagonist of the strategy computer game Hollywood U. She is a celebutante.


Bianca is believed to be a Celebutante due to her bad acting and outfit. She is Your Character's rival, and the main antagonist of the game. Bianca is a rich, manipulative girl. She's quick to judge and will always find a way to turn your words around on you. She is also proven to be jealous, as she gets extremely angry when Lance compliments Jenni, when your character sings onstage during the New Years Quest, and also of her sister's acting ability.

She is very hot headed, often yelling at people and demanding to be treated like a star, and loves to see other people getting in trouble. She is often portrayed as quite dumb, as during the quest, "Her Steel Heart" she becomes confused when you are trying to trick her into saying lines by comparing yourself and her, she is also easily tricked into saying 'I will crush this petty world in my iron grip!'