Bianca Trotter

Bianca Trotter

I've been in narcotics my whole career. Busting punks like the Perrys; they've got more money in their pockets than I make in a year! It never ends. So why try to beat 'em, when you can just join 'em?
~ Bianca Trotter.

Bianca Trotter is the main villainess of "Pink Tops" episode 4.08 of The Mentalist.

She was portrayed by Victoria Platt.


Bianca Trotter is part of the narcotics task force, along with her partner and best friend Yolanda Concepcion (nicknamed "Yoli" for short). She and Yoli were working undercover investigating drug dealer Omar Vega, as she had suspected that Vega had a dirty cop in his inner circle. Unbeknownst to Yoli, Bianca was the corrupt cop, and fearing that she would be found out, she had her killed.

During their investigation at a nightclub, Bianca sent Yoli a text in code that let her know that she was in trouble, all the while waiting in ambush. After spotting Yoli, Bianca fired two shots at her, killing her and establishing Bianca's heel persona. Bianca's evil plan was to frame the Perry Boys (who she colluded with to steal Vega's drugs) for the murder, but the plan changed when they decided to reduce her cut and threaten to reveal her secret. In response, the evil Bianca shot and killed her co-horts; using the same gun she used to kill Yoli.

Bianca's reveal came when Patrick Jane went to Vega with to offer a deal that would allow him to restock his supply; a deal that Bianca already offered him. It was there that Vega called Bianca, who revealed that she's Vega's business partner. With Vega threatening to shoot whoever was lying to him, Bianca proved herself by confessing to killing the Perry Boys and Yoli, right after Jane made the same claim.

After CBI enters and arrested Vega and Bianca, the latter was interrogated by Lisbon and the task force's leader by the name of Sgt. Henderson. Bianca again confessed to killing Yoli, who she said trusted her, and regarding the Perry Boys' murder, the villainess stated that it was not the plan but things changed when they decided to reduce her cut. Bianca justified her villainous actions by stating that the drug dealers she had been arresting were making more money than her, and she decided to join them rather than take them down.