~ Bibbo as he is holding a pizza box in front of a teenage girl.

Bibbo is one of the main antagonists of the 1988 sci-fi-horror-comedy film Killer Klowns from Outer Space. He is an overweight Killer Klown who has yellow mohawk hair and wears a yellow-red checkered suit. He is the only Klown to speak English in the film, as he said "pizza" and "uh-huh" when showing a pizza box to a teenage girl before Shorty popped out and killed her. His mouth does not actually move when he spoke.


Bibbo was first seen diving onto Mike and Debbie's car's windshield with Debbie screaming at his presence, but fell off. Bibbo was then carrying a pizza box with Shorty coming out to kill a teenage girl in cotton candy. Bibbo was then seen at Debbie's house watching Slim put Debbie inside a giant balloon. Bibbo was inside the Klown Car (the second to come out) with Chubby, Slim, Shorty and Rudy. They were annoyed by a police man who didn't let them enter the Big Top, so they took out corrosive pies and killed him by throwing them at him.

He and Spike were the first to find Mike, Debbie and Officer Hansen in their headquarters, then rushed to chase them but was barricaded from them by two doors. Bibbo had joined the Klowns in trying to get Mike, Debbie and Hansen off a stack of blocks until the Terenzi Brothers crashed through the wall with their ice cream van petrifying them with orders to halt from the plastic Jojo head on top of the van. Bibbo was then seen very surprised as if he were gasping to find that his real leader Klownzilla was coming in, and left with all of the other Klowns. He died when Klownzilla exploded inside the Big Top, with all of the other Killer Klowns.





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