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Bibi Love

Bibi Love

I get EXPLOSIVE when I have to wait.
~ Bibi Love, on waiting for her demands to be met

Bibi Love is one of the psychopaths who turned into survivor. She made her appearance in Dead Rising 2. She was once a pop singer, but is aging. She does whatever it takes to cling onto her former glory. As a result of the outbreak, she has taken three of her employees hostage.


Dead Rising 2

After the zombie outbreak in Fortune City causes the last of her fans to flee, she has gone insane and taken over a stage in Slot Ranch Casino. Using wires and a bomb with a trigger, she threatens to blow up her hostages, her fashion designer Juan, her assistant Allison, and her manager Cameron, if they try to leave before her show is over.

When Chuck comes across her, she mistakes him for a stagehand and asks Chuck to get her a refreshment, get dressed for her show (a tuxedo, available from Modern Businessman in the Royal Flush Plaza), round up a group of her "fans" (10-15 zombies) and finally, rig the lights for her performance. A minigame will start where the appropriate buttons must be pressed to do the appropriate lighting effects.

If Accomplished

If Chuck wins the minigame, she will thank him for his help, then release her hostages and jump from the stage into the crowd of zombies, still thinking of them as fans. She will realize they are zombies and Chuck has the choice of saving her or leaving her. If saved she will become a survivor who will give Chuck additional prestige points upon rescue.

If Failed

If at any time Chuck attacks her, or kills one of her hostages, a cutscene plays where she yells at him for ruining her comeback before sitting down next to Cameron and activates her bomb, it also will happen if Chuck lost the minigame. After the scene, the bombs explode, thus killing her, Cameron, Allison and Juan. Beware that she can also get killed by the zombies if the player lets them climb the stage.


  • Bibi Love is a parody of real world singer Cher.
  • Events of Dead Rising 3 confirm that she had survived the Fortune City Outbreak.


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