Bibi Soldiers are combatants used by the enemies of the Goseigers and supporting antagonists in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.

They are green insect-like creatures that are spawned by Buredoran from dolls that Bibi Bugs attach too. They are bright yellowish green in color and wield longknives that can also fire laser blasts.


The Bibi Soldiers were first provided to the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar by Brajira after he joined them under the alias "Buredoran of the Comet". The Bibi Soldiers were used to aid in their invasion and accompany their Universal Insect Monsters when they invaded Earth.

After the Warstar were destroyed, Brajira assumed the identity of "Buredoran of the Chupacabra" and provided the Bibi Soldiers to the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu after he unsealed. After Buredoran's plan to usurp control of the Yuumajuu failed and he was seemingly destroyed by the Goseigers, the Yuumajuu took control of the Bibi nest. After the Yuumajuu were wiped out, Brajira reclaimed his nest and used them to aid in a scheme to flood the Gosei World with the Sanzu River.

After Buredoran was defeated and rebuilt by the Matrintis Empire as Buredo-RUN, the Bibi soldiers were adopted by them as a footsoldier force as well. The Bibi bugs were further modified by them into Bibi Nails to enlarge their robots.


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