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Bicine is a minor antagonist from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. He works for the Criasu Corporation.


Bicine, along with Listol and Hariham Harry, were once part of the hamsters and squirrels of Harihari Clan from Harihari Township in the future timetable. The three of them are close friends. Unfortunately, a mysterious but deadly disease quickly swept the clan, and Bicine was one of the other infected villagers. In order to heal, he and his two friends (they were the only ones who were free from the epidemic) joined Criasu Corporation, which also gave them a human form, but was deceived and their hometown was burned. He might be healed off the screen but when Harry left, he might feel betrayed and had an unhealthy obsession with Harry, hoping to save the latter back to him.

There, he revealed that he and Harry were former friends, and they were all scouted by George Kurai in fairy tales. Then, by breaking Harry's golden chain, he forced Harry into a terrible beast to destroy the cure. However, his plan was defeated as Kagayaki Homare managed to calm Harry down. He later tried to attack CureÉtoile, but failed because Harry protected her, but before he left he told Harry that he would not give up on him.

During the attack by VR Headgear Oshimaida, Bicine showed some of Harry's memories and thoughts through a fairy tale called "Little Mermaid". Bicine recognized a white woman who seemed to be the person Harry really liked in the simulation. This put him in anger because he thought she had left before the series, but he could not accept how she still stood in his heart. In order to "steal" Harry, she was angry and embarrassed. Although she was a virtual reality image, she tried to grab her face. However, Homare, also in the simulated state, turned to Cure Etoile and defeated him. After returning to his office after his failure, he quickly revealed his true hamster form and began hysterical hysteria.

For Listol, and with other hamsters (assuming other capsule tanks) and Harry's holiday in a capsule, Bicine was sad and believed that everyone he cares about abandoned him. This led him to the temptation and deception of George, who asked him to join the plan to stop the time so that everything would remain the same forever.

Bicine no longer accepts everyone, especially Listol, how to leave him and eventually turn himself into Mou-Oshimaida. However, when Etoile and Listol comforted him and understood his pain, he finally burst into tears and was cleaned up using Cures tomorrow and everyone cleaning his.


  • An interesting note is that despite being a hamster fairy, he actually bears more resemblance to civets, judging by his long bushy tail and his name origin.
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