Of course. The best man always wins: me! C'mon. Afterwards, you can clean my shoes.
~ Bif Taylor to Jimmy Hopkins

Bif Taylor is a major clique member in the video-game Bully. He is the bodyguard for Derby Harrington in the Preppies clique. He enjoys the sport of boxing as well as social elitism. Most of his insults pretain to others clothes or wealth. He considers himself the greatest boxer to ever exist, even though Jimmy is stronger than him. He is also unintelligent, knowing that he cant think of anything except for "Sting like a bully". Despite being Derby's "friend", he even treats him like trash periodically. When Bif loses to Jimmy Hopkins, Derby responds by saying "You disgust me" and calls him a filthy Democrat. Also, Bif does most of Derby's work, even though he can fight for himself. Bif redeems himself after Jimmy defeats Gary Smith and gaining the respect of everyone.



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