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BigMamemon was a minor villain in Digimon Adventures 02 and terrorized Paris, France.


BigMamemon is an Ultimate Level Digimon. The name BigMamemon speaks for itself. He's a bigger, fatter version of Mamemon. Only difference is that he has some bandages on is belly shaped like an X. Much like King Hippo from Punch Out, and other Digimon.

Digimon Adventures 02

After Arukenimon opened the gates to the Digital World and Digimon started appearing in the Real World, a BigMamemon appeared with Mamemon and MetalMamemon in France. They held French DigiDestined Catherine and her Digimon Floramon in the Palace of Versailles hostage and held a banquet with her. Greymon and Angemon fought the three until an ally of the Mamemon Brothers appeared: Giromon and he was the one who captured Catherine and Floramon in the first place. As a result Greymon Digivolved to MetalGreymon, Angemon Digivolved to MagnaAngemon and Floramon Digivolved to Kiwimon to fight them. The Mamemon Brothers and Giromon were taken down by MetalGreymon, while MagnaAngemon destroyed the Control Spire. Afterwards the Digimon were sent back to the Digital World.


  • Big Smirk Bomb
  • Heavy Dive
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