I couldn't leave these kids on the highway. That's why I'm leaving you, YOU ANIMAL!
~ Big Al

Al Buck (known as Big Al) is the main antagonist of the 2005 film Are We There Yet?, although his role is small as he only appears in the second and third act.

He was portrayed by M.C. Gainey.


He is a well-meaning truck driver who stalks Nick Persons (the main protagonist of the movie) throughout the film in an effort to "rescue" the kids as he mistakenly believes that Nick has kidnapped the children Kevin and Lindsay Kingston. Lindsay messages him across the way, "Help us!" while Nick is saying mean and hurtful things to Kevin and Lindsay, Big Al nods and calls one of his buddies, and he purposefully swerves over and smashes Nick's SUV against the guardrail (causing sparks to fly) when he thinks that Nick has kidnapped the kids. Nick then tries to get around him, but loses control, goes against traffic on the other side of the road, careens through the woods and then flies through the air and lands hard on the ground (Nick and the kids are fine, but the SUV is badly damaged).

After Nick's car is destroyed, the trio try to hitch a ride from Big Al, but he leaves Nick behind and drives off, still thinking that Nick is a kidnapper. But luckily the kids attack Al and beat him up in the truck and they escape, leading to a chase that ends when in Vancouver, where Nick fights Al, along with several men dressed as snowmen, pushing and shoving one another as security guards try to separate and arrest the two. He then apologizes to Nick for all the trouble and offers Nick a ride home...until they both notice Al's truck being towed away. He is last seen trying to stop his truck from being towed and is later arrested.

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