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The Big Bad is the main villain for Hanazuki: Full of Treasures. Kiazuki mentions that it is a mysterious, but it is known that the Big Bad is a monstrous entity that wishes to destroy everything in the universe.


The Big Bad manifests as a demonic, black void. They have no known true form; the entity morphs their mass erratically.

Despite being an ever-morphing monster, the Big Bad is capable of movement. They also destroy whatever moons appear in their path. Their raids take random time frames, but Treasure Trees can stop the Big Bag from destroying anything in their path, regardless of their color.

This entity makes their debut in the very first episode, A Moonflower Is Born, where Hanazuki stops them from destroying her moon by planting treasure trees. However, it is known that one of their raids was successful on a Moonflower's moon, as Maroshi lost his moon when the Big Bad feasted on it.


  • The mobile phone app claims this being is a male entity, with he/his/him pronouns. This contradicts the show.
  • However, it does raise a possibility that the cloudlike moon-destroying entity is really a swarm and the Big Bad is the swarm's core/leader.
  • The Big Bad is similar to the Aparoids from Star Fox: Assault. Both are viral, cataclysmic organisms that destroy. However, the Aparoids are more willing to bring others to their cause, whereas the Big Bad has no interest in striking up an alliance.
  • The Big Bad is also similar to the Devourer from Starfinder since both entities are destructive beings that wish to remove everything from the universe.