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It's time to come with us, Dovahkiin. Time to stop resisting and use your gift for your country.
~ The Big Bad Government Guy to the New Kid.

The Big Bad Government Guy is the central antagonist of South Park: The Stick of Truth. He is the head of an unnamed secret government organization. He seeks the destruction of South Park to prevent the discovery of his organization's conspiracy, which revolves around the mysterious green fluid that makes Nazi Zombies out of all who either consume or simply come into contact with it.

He was voiced by Trey Parker.


He first appears when the alien ship crashes on Earth, telling the soldiers to quarantine South Park. He makes other sporadic appearances, commanding his soldiers to kill anyone who gets too close to the truth of his operation or asks too many questions.

He later appears after you defeat Clyde, explaining why he was chasing the New Kid (the player character), and he even tells him his real name, Dovahkiin. After he discovers the power of the Stick of Truth and realizes that whoever holds it controls the universe, he goes insane and strips naked, taking the Stick for himself so he could rule.

He tries to convince the New Kid to conquer with him, and he even offers the same to Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Princess Kenny, Butters, and Jimmy. All of them turn him down except Princess Kenny, who decides to go with him so they can rule the universe. During the final battle, after Princess Kenny turns "herself" into a Nazi zombie, he commands "her" to use certain powers against certain characters. It is unknown what happened to him after the fight was over, but it is possible he survived, because Kenny survives, as well.


He has an eyepatch that covers one of his eyes. He also seems to be very old but incredibly ruthless.



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