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Oh, Big Bad, you are GOOD!
~ Big Bad

Big Bad, or Big Bad Wolf and real name Aloysius, is the main antagonist of Goldie & Bear. He likes scaring people, stealing, and making as much trouble as he can.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


Like the traditional Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad enjoys huffing, puffing and blowing things down, as well as antagonizing the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and other individuals. He is also rude at times and has a large appetite, often taking food without asking.

However, Big Bad is also depicted as having a conscience and at times being a nice guy. When he accidentally blows down his own house, he stays over at Humpty Dumpty's place and is a bad houseguest, but later regrets it and makes good. When his brother Phil, once even naughtier than him, comes for a visit, he discovers that he has gone nice. Goldie and Bear show him how he too can be nice. In another installment, he swipes the magic dancing shoes given to Bear in the hopes of being able to dance himself, only to show vulnerability when he is forced to admit to to his deeds, while also revealing that he was boasting about being a great dancer.