Then I'll huff... and I'll puff... and I'll blow your house in!
~ The Big Bad Wolf
Frank: You did it again boss.
Big Bad Wolf: Yes, I did... You know what Frank? All this huffing and puffing is making me very hungry.
Frank: Yeah, me too boss.
~ The Big Bad Wolf and Frank

The Big Bad Wolf is the main antagonist of The Three Little Pigs 1999 movie, along with his sidekick Frank the Weasel.


The Big Bad Wolf is a skinny and tall anthropomorphic wolf with a large muzzle and grey fur. He wears a yellow and purple west and blue jeans with a brown belt.

When attempting to blow down the houses of the three little pigs, his body obscures his neck and he inflates in size and becomes bulkier:

At the straw house, the wolf's chest inflates to the point it tears his west and he becomes a bit taller. His face also turns blue.

At the stick house, the wolf's stomach inflates, making him more bulky, and his face briefly turns blue.

At the stone house, the wolf inflates into a large size to the point where he towers over Frank and he takes a much wider shape. His tail also becomes more bulkier.

When trying to blow down the stone house again, he inflates into a giant, becoming about the same size as the house with his arms and legs becoming thicker and stretched out, his body becoming more rounded, causing him to resemble a ballon, his cheeks and muzzle becoming larger, his eyes to turn red and cross-eyed, and his tail and nails to no longer being visible.

Frank the Weasel is an anthropomorphic weasel with brown fur and wears a blue and red jacket.


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The Big Bad Wolf plotting.

The Big Bad Wolf is a manipulative and greedy trickster, as he takes advantage of Joe's insecurities and sells him a fake elixir to his sick mom in order to get all of his money. He is skilled at disguises, pretending to be "Edward the Fox" and trick the pigs into buying some land from him, which really belongs to Mr. Grizzlybear. The wolf is obsessed with eating the pigs, desperately chasing and trying to capture them until they enter each of their houses.

He is shown to be arrogant and very proud of his huffing and puffing ability, believing he is able to blow down the stone house like he did with the other houses, and appears to have fun blowing down the houses of the three little pigs. His stubborness and overconfidence is displayed when Frank suggests him to try blowing down the stone house again, to which the wolf quickly agrees and proceeds to continously inhale and inflate in order to desperately get enough air to blow it down, despite being exhausted and it clearly being no use.

After ultimately failing to blow down the stone house, despite having huffed and puffed beyond his limits until increasing into a giant, the Big Bad Wolf still refuses to give up his chase for the pigs and decides to try capture them by climbing down the chimney instead, stating its "easier than all that huffing and puffing.".

Frank-wolf thumbs up

Frank the Weasel and inflated Big Bad Wolf giving a thumbs up.

Frank the Weasel is dim-witted, not easily understanding his boss' plans, and clumsy, such as causing the branch on the tree they are on to break while spying on the three little pigs, making them both fall. He is very loyal to the Big Bad Wolf, often joining him on his scams and even encouraging him to try blowing down the stone house again after failing the first time. He is confident in the Big Bad Wolf's abilities, even believing him being able to blow down the stone house if he tries again, and appears to enjoy watching him blowing down the houses of the three little pigs. However, it ends up being his undoing, as his support of the Big Bad Wolf's abilities, ultimately convinces his boss to inflate until he extends his limits, causing him to become too weak to huff and puff after failing to blow down the stone house again. Despite admiring the wolf's huffing and puffing, it appears the wolf's ability to grow bigger scares him, as he hides behind a rock in fear after seeing his boss inflating next to him, visibly shocked seeing an enlarged wolf, and continues to hide behind the rock afterward.

Overall, the duo appears to be good friends and partners, with the wolf briefly stopping huffing and puffing to look at Frank for support while attempting to blow down the stone house again. The wolf somewhat cares about his relationship with Frank, as he intends to eat the pigs together with him rather than alone and appears to appreciate when Frank supports and encourages him, not minding Frank standing next to him as he attempts to blow down the stone house, despite scaring him after increasing in size, and only decides to try blowing down the stone house again after seeing that Frank still has faith in him. They are also shown to greatly fear Mr. Grizzlybear, whom the Big Bad Wolf unintentionally poisoned due to the fake elixir he sold to Joe before, and ends up being punished for his crimes by him.


The wolf stone house 1

The Big Bad Wolf inhaling air.

The Big Bad Wolf has the ability to inhale air into his mouth and release it to create a powerful wind, referred to as huffing a puffing, strong enough to blow down the straw and stick house with ease, but not the stone house. Like a balloon, he also inflates himself while inhaling air, seen when he attempts to blow down the houses of the three little pigs. As the wolf becomes more desperate and serious, he starts to contain and inhale air to the point he inflates into a much larger size, seen when he attempts to blow down the stone house.

Frank the Weasel with a de-inflated Big Bad Wolf.

The strongest display of his ability is shown when he attempts to blow down the stone house a second time, as he decides to use the last of his strength to inhale so much air that he inflates beyond his limits, despite being tired from his previous attempt, until he increases into a gigantic size, causing him to float like a balloon due to the amount of air contained in his body, and blowing a wind so powerful it becomes a hurricane that obscures the stone house.

However, inflating into such a size has its side effects, as it makes him unable to move and also causes him to become greatly exhausted after he de-inflates, to the point he became flat, and making him so weak that he need Frank to help him stand. The wolf also states that he becomes more hungry after huffing and puffing.



The Big Bad Wolf and Frank tricking Joe.

In a house lives three little pigs, George, Marco, and Joe. When their mother tasks them to buy supplies at the market, George and Marco split up in search of the items to buy, leaving Joe to take care of the money. Unknown to them, the Big Bad Wolf and his partner Frank the Weasel, have been watching and listening. The wolf tricks Joe into buying a fake elixir for his mother, leaving the pigs without any money left.

On their way back home, the owner of the land Mr. Grizzlybear enters the house and demands the pigs to pay him the rent they owes him, but their mother has not enough money left and Mr. Grizzlybear takes the elixir Joe bought from the Big Bad Wolf as payment for the rent they owe him, but tells the pigs to pay him the rent for the next mounth tomorrow.

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The Big Bad Wolf about to blow down the straw house.

Seeing no choice, the pigs decide to move out and George, Marco, and Joe are tasked by their mother to find a place to build their new home while she is away. While sleeping during their search, the Big Bad Wolf and Frank discovers them and the wolf, disguised as Edward the Fox, tricks the pigs into buying some land, which really belongs to Mr. Grizzlybear. George, Marco, and Joe splits up to gather materials for each of them to build their new house on the land.

Marco decides to build the house of straw and while building the straw house, Marco and the two locusts he befriended are watched by the Big Bad Wolf and Frank, with the wolf stating how easily the house will break down, though Frank is unsure. Wanting to prove his point, the wolf walks towards Marco and the locusts, scaring them into the straw house. The wolf asks to be let into the house, but Marco refuses. Annoyed, the wolf proclaims that he will "huff and puff and blow the house in!". He takes a deep breath into his chest, then inhales air as he inflates, causing his face to turn blue and eyes red, and tearing his west in the process. The wolf, while somewhat struggling to hold his breath, exhales from his chest and blows down the straw house. When the wolf prepares to eat Marco, he escapes.


Big Bad Wolf and Frank spying on Joe.

Later, when Joe starts to build the stick house, assisted by the beaver children, the Big Bad Wolf and Frank watches them in a bush. Frank asks the wolf if he is going to blow down the stick house, to which the wolf says he will after the house is finished. Upon finishing the house, Joe is approached by Marco who attempts to warn him, but they are confronted by the wolf and enters the stick house.


The Big Bad Wolf about to blow down the stick house.

Refused to be let in again, the wolf puffs and inhales deeply, causing his stomach to inflate, with his face briefly turning blue, and blows down the stick house. With the house destroyed, Joe and Marco escapes, much to the wolf's dismay. Frank compliments him for blowing down the house and the wolf agrees. The wolf tells Frank that all of the huffing and puffing makes him hungry, and expresses his desire to eat the pigs.

Once George is finished building the stone house, George is approached by Marco and Joe who tells him about the Big Bad Wolf. In a tree, the wolf and Frank are watching the stone house, to which the wolf is unimpressed, unlike Frank. The wolf asks Frank if he is ready to eat the pigs, to which Frank, in excitement, accidentally causes the branch they are standing on to break, much to the wolf's anger.


The Big Bad Wolf with Frank preparing to blow down the stone house.

After Marco and Joe explains to George what had happened, the wolf chases them as he attempts to eat the pigs and knocks his head on the door just as they enter the stone house, causing the wolf to briefly pass out. Angered, the Big Bad Wolf asks to be let in once more, to which George refuses like his brothers had done before. Refused once again, the wolf complains about the pigs stubborness while walking away from the door. As he stand before the house with Frank next to him, the wolf proclaims that he will blow it down as he had done previously.


A large Big Bad Wolf as he attempts to blow down the stone house.

Taking a deep breath, the wolf inhales air until his stomach inflates a little, then continues inhaling more air into his growing stomach. As the wolf increases in size, becoming larger and larger, a surprised Frank watches next to him as the wolf towers over him and runs away in fear. Frank hides behind a rock, then watches as the large wolf blows a powerful wind at the stone house. After de-inflating to his normal size and barely standing up, as the air is clearing, the house is undamaged, much to the exhausted wolf's surprise. As the Big Bad Wolf stares in shock and confusion at the stone house not being affected by his huffing and puffing, Frank, still believing he can do it, suggests the wolf to try blowing down the house again. More desperate to capture the pigs and refusing to admit defeat, the Big Bad Wolf, while still tired from his previous attempt (displayed by skinnier physique, weak voice, rugged hair, and his ears facing downward), agrees to try once more.


An exhausted Big Bad Wolf.

The wolf takes a deep breath, returning himself to his normal physique, and inhales more and more air into his inflating body, then stops and turns around to look at Frank while holding on to his air-filled stomach. Frank encourages the wolf to continue and gives him a thumps up, then returns to hide behind the rock. More confident, the wolf gives a thumps up to Frank and proceeds to push himself into inhaling more air without stopping, turning his eyes red as he inflates until he reaches a gigantic size. As the giant blown up Big Bad Wolf stand in front of the stone house, he starts to float like a balloon and unable to contain all the air he inhaled anymore, exhales and blows a powerful hurricane at the stone house, as Frank still hides behind the rock in fear. However, despite having huffed and puffed stronger than he had done before, the house is still standing and the shrinked wolf passes out, much to the pigs' delight.

A giant Big Bad Wolf attempting to blow down the stone house again.

After examining an de-inflated Big Bad Wolf, Frank helps him up and, while exhausted after failing to blow the house down again, the wolf tells Frank that he will go down the chimney since he can't blow down the stone house after his failed attempts and to help him climb onto the roof. At the roof, the wolf complains about not having thought of entering the house through the chimney before, stating its easier than all of the huffing and puffing. Once the wolf and Frank enter the chimney, the pigs traps them into the cauldron. When the wolf tries to sniff the pigs through the hole in the cauldron, Joe smacks him at the nose as retaliation for earlier. The pigs hands them over to Mr. Grizzlybear, who is looking for the ones who created the elixir that made him ill, in exchange for the land where the stone house is build.

As punishment for their crimes, the Big Bad Wolf and Frank are forced by Mr. Grizzlybear to build a stone house for him and the pigs lives happily at their new home together with all of their friends.




  • This version of the Big Bad Wolf is the first to be a con-artist and have a partner.
    • It is also one of the few versions of the Big Bad Wolf who physically increases in size while huffing and puffing, eventually inflating into a giant.
  • After attempting to blow down the stone house for the first time, the Big Bad Wolf becomes skinnier than usual, possibly due to all the air he exhaled from his body.
  • When blowing at the houses of the three little pigs, the Big Bad Wolf's eyes are closed, except when he attempts to blow down the stone house a second time, which he is unable to close them due to inhaling too much air.
  • Its unknown why the Big Bad Wolf did not use his huffing and puffing ability against Mr. Grizzlybear, as he could have easily blown him away or inflated himself larger to scare him in order to avoid punishment.
    • However, its possible the wolf was still too exhausted to use his powers after his failed attempts to blow down the stone house.
  • It appears the Big Bad Wolf gets more skilled with huffing and puffing each time he attempts to blow down the houses of the three little pigs.
    • At the straw house, the wolf struggles to inhale and is barely able to contain air into his chest.
    • At the stick house, the wolf is able to contain air much easier, but still struggles to inhale and contain it in his body for some time.
    • At the stone, the wolf is able to inhale and contain much air without any difficulty, causing him to inflate into a large size and later a giant.
  • Unlike most versions, this Big Bad Wolf says that he will "blow your house [in]!" instead of "down".
  • In the Italian version of the film, the scene where the Big Bad Wolf first attempts to blow down the stone house is cut and some of the scenes are shortened, the reason for this unknown.
  • His powers is similar to that of Kablamus, Jazz Hands, and the Giant Fishballoon Monster.
  • Had he not been exhausted by first failling to blow down the stone house and used all of his strength at the beginning, then its possible the wolf would have been able to inflate himself larger than when he attempted to blow down the stone house again.
  • Despite tearing his vest while blowing down the straw house, it appears completely fine in later scenes.
    • Also, during his attempts at blowing down the stone house, his clothes does not break apart for some reason after inflating himself in size.