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What the Bayou?!
~ Big Bayou's catchphrase.

Big Bayou is the main antagonist of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Uncommon Cold".

He was voiced by Tim Curry.



Big Bayou is very vain and loves look at himself and his skin statues. So egotistical he can't attack others that look like him.


Not is much is known, but some time ago he imprisoned the slugs with his bayou magic and forced his slaves to make "statues" of him from the skins he sheds. The slugs managed to steal a piece of magic from him and send a message in form of a cold which got to Muriel.

When Courage and Muriel came to free the slugs, he caught with his magic book and chased him into the swamp. Courage tricked him into using his venom on his "statues" to bring them to life and then Courage ordered them to attack Big Bayou. This scared Big Bayou out of his wits as he was too self absorbed to attack images of himself. He begged for mercy, but the statues surrounded and took him away. He is later seen suffering and getting tortured and locked with chains around him.



  • Big Bayou is similar to Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog as they are witch doctors from Louisiana (though in Big Bayou's case, this is more implied since Lousiana is known for having a bayou, hence the name).
  • He can be considered the weakest villain in the show since he mostly just captured slugs for slave labor instead of killing them and while he did attack Courage, that wasn't enough to make him so much as a formidable opponent. That and he is mostly seen just being a narcissist.


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