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C'mon into my lair, Big Blag's gonna stomp n' chomp ya!
~ Big Blag

Big Blag is a major, recurring villain in the Battletoads series except for Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.


Big Blag is the right-hand and bodyguard of the Dark Queen. He commands the mutant rat pack which is the Dark's Army. Big Blag and Robo-Manus work together.

Despite Big Blag's weight, he is very agile and able to jump high to stomp his victims. There is a spiked ball on his tail which he uses to attack. Big Blag is also capable of inflating his body to grow into gigantic sizes.

Given Big Blag's high position in the mutant rat pack, he is always fought on later levels in Battletoads games. The only exception is Battletoads & Double Dragon in which Big Blag is the boss of the second level.


Big Blag is a brown, huge, and morbidly obese anthropomorphic rodent with unkept black hair.

In Battletoads for the NES and Game Boy, Blag wears the same clothes. He wears spiked black leather briefs and spiked black leather briefs and spiked black leather shoulder bands. There is a spiked ball at the end of his tail.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, Blag wears a teal singlet that does not cover the front of his upper body. Blag's tail still has the spiked ball but he doesn't use it.

In Super Battletoads, Blag wears a purple full singlet, torn beige leggings, bracelets, a spiked ball on his tail. Belts of ammunition are wrapped around his torso and wrapped around his shoulders. Whenever Blag doubles in size, his outfit spontaneously changes to one more resembling his outfit in the first games. His leggings and hair become a lavender color.

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