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Big Bob is a minor antagonist in the 2008 film, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

He is a Guantanamo Bay guard, whose job is to torture the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility as an interrogation method and punishment for terrorist attacks upon the United States. He takes orders from the authorities that control Guantanamo Bay, particularly Ron Fox, the racist Deputy Head of Department of Homeland Security who is the main antagonist of the film and George W. Bush, who in real-life started the Bush Administration to establish Guantanamo Bay.


Big Bob and at least one partner work as the wardens in G-Bay detention facility. They wear United States Army uniforms as well. According to George W. Bush's commands, the guards are ordered to force 2 prisoners at once to give a blowjob to the guard which is called the "cockmeat sandwich" meaning the prisoners giving the blowjob act like the two slices of bread.

Harold and Kumar went to jail thanks to Kumar's addiction to marijuana. Kumar tried to smoke evaporated marijuana through a bong and the passengers and air marshals all thought that it was a bomb with toxic gas. Agent Ron Fox classifies Harold as a North Korean and thinking Kumar is a Islamist terrorist. Harold defended that Kumar was wanting to smoking cannabis, not trying to kill off the passengers of the plane.

While two guilty prisoners that detested American culture (such as donuts and American government) were giving a cockmeat sandwich to Big Bob's friend, Big Bob ordered Harold and Kumar to do the same to him. Kumar asked if this meant that Big Bob is homosexual, but Big Bob angrily denies this, saying it's not gay to receive a blowjob from the same sex. Harold and Kumar escaped because another guard got bitten in the genitals and when Big Bob tried to rescue him (leaving the cage Harold and Kumar are in still open), he got assaulted with his friend's own nightstick and the two other prisoners escaped. Harold was hesitant since escaping from their prison will render them as fugitives but Kumar made him run off anyway.

Harold mentioned Big Bob near the end of the film when Kumar's fiancée Vanessa was about to marry the civil servant Colton Graham.


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