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Ted's gone? HAH! This'll be easy! Move aside, junior. I'm finally springing my gang.
~ The Big Boy Gang Leader attempting to free his gang from their prison.

The Big Boy Gang is the secondary antagonistic group of the 2019 third-person shooter game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The group includes the Big Boy Gang Leader, who resembles the Scientist, and his three agents, an Outlaw-Themed Foot Soldier, a Cowboy-Themed Electric Slide, and a Fire-Themed Super Brainz. They are a group of outlaws who attempts to breakout their prison to fight the players and their posse.


In the quest Will you be my posse?, when the players and their three allies go to see Tumbleweed Ted in front of the jail cell, he is suddenly blown away by a group of tumbleweeds, which allows the Big Boy Gang Leader to free his gang easier. They have to defend the jail door with potted plants from incoming Zombombs, All-Star Champions, and Outhouse Zombies.

After the jail cell is unlocked, the Big Boy Gang Leader and his agents make their introduction and attack the players and their allies. During the fight, all of the members use all the same abilities of their original counterparts, but except for having higher health due to the fact, their traits are Champions. When all of the members were defeated, Tumbleweed Ted gives the players the music sheet as their primary reward.


  • The Big Boy Gang is one of the organizations that Dr. Zomboss does not play as the leader, the other being the Anti-Bully Squad and the Dummy Cult.
    • However, it is unclear if the Big Boy Gang actually works for Dr. Zomboss or not.
  • They are also one of the bosses who made out of different individuals, the others being the Gargantuar Brothers and the Brothers Gnomus.
    • Out of them, they are the only bosses who aren't siblings.



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