Big Cass is a professional Wrestler who works for the WWE. He was tag team partners with fellow wrestler Enzo Amare for several years and together they were best friends and one of the most popular tag teams in the company this was until Big Cass back stabbed Enzo by brutally attacking him turning himself into a heel


NXT 2012-2016

Big Cass made his debut in wrestling on the developmental show NXT teaming with Enzo Amare as a tag team, Although they never received a Championship match in their first few years on the show they became the most popular team. in March 2015 He and Enzo began a feud with the current NXT tag Champions Blake and Murphy where they would challenge for the tittles several times but they would fail on every occasion and there last attempt to win the tag tittle would come in March 2016 against Dash and Dawson the current champs but once again they failed. They would later be sent to the Main Roster where they would stick together as a tag team

Teaming with Enzo 2012-2017 and Raw 2016-Present

The team would make their main roster debut on the Raw after Wreslemania 32 interrupting the Dudley Boyz and would later defeat the Ascension in their debut match. They competed in a tournament to determine the new number 1 contenders for the tag team champions which were currently held by The New Day, they would make it to the finals but Amore would suffer a legitimate concussion costing them the match. They were later drafted onto Raw after the 2016 Draft and would later compete in the 10 on 10 Raw vs Smackdown tag team survivor series Match which they won, they would later continue to compete for the tag team tittles until May. In May Enzo had been constantly getting attacked by a unknown person backstage, and eventually Cass was constantly brutally attacked as well leaving Enzo to find another partner for tag team matches. but in June it was reveled by Corey Graves that Cass was the one attacking Enzo and that he had faked his own attacks, at that moment Cass revealed that he has never like Enzo and he only teamed with him just because he felt bad for him because everyone else didn't like him either and that he had wasted so many years of his career teaming with him at that same moment Cass brutally attacked Enzo and over the next few months would continue to feud with Enzo until Cass would suffer a legitimate Injury which would leave him out of action for several months giving Enzo the Feud win.

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Big Casses Betrayel

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