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Whaaat? I–I–I said they'd get out! They got out! Not my problem.
~ Big D, clearly uncaring that the two manta rays in his so-called "escape plan" were eaten alive by barracudas.

Big D is a character in the Sammy & Co series, appearing as the main antagonist in the film A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise in the A Turtle's Tale duology. He was the tyrannical leader of all the sealife in "the Tank", the largest aquarium in the world. He is also Sammy and Ray's archenemy during the events of the film.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.




Big D is a selfish tyrant who rules the Tank with an iron fist with propaganda about himself attempting to rescue the other marine life from the Tank through his so-called "escape plan". In fact, he holds no regard for other lives and has no honor in him, as shown when he is doing one of his demonstrations of his "escape plan" involving two small manta rays going into a dolphin's mouth so they can escape. It almost works until the two are devoured by two barracudas, which Big D shows no remorse and makes an excuse that they got out of the Tank, thus proving himself as the monster he truly is.

He also loses his anger easily, as shown when things don't go his way, he subjects other to extreme punishments. This is shown when he trapped his cousin, Tremaine, in an ice cube for a petty excuse about the latter talking about him being no better in the past than he is in the present, instead of feeling remorse for his actions. Much of the sealife in the Tank is afraid of him, even his moray eel henchmen, Marco and Philippe.

Big D also has a habit of keeping all the sealife in the Tank under his control, whether being a despot or an anarchist. If one doesn't work, he will try the other. This is shown as during the majority of the movie, he ruled over all of the marine life by keeping them under his orders, but during the climax, he claimed, "Let it be chaos!" This shows that Big D will use either law or chaos to keep everyone under his tyranny.

It is later revealed that he doesn't truly want to leave the Tank, which shows that he enjoys being an evil tyrant who does horrific things, which also makes him a sadist. After he is shunned by the other marine life so they can escape the Tank with Sammy's help, two hogfish (Manuel and Consuelo) decide to keep living in the Tank as they actually enjoy it, showing that if not for Big D's tyranny, the Tank would be a safe haven for marine life to live. In the end of the movie, he is later trapped in a fishbowl, thus getting what he deserves. If this hadn't happened to him, he would probably have become a tyrant in the Tank once again for new years of sealife in the Tank to come.


Keep up the good work.
~ Big D to his crab slaves.
Ice him!
~ Big D ordering Marco and Philippe to throw Tremaine into the frozen exhibit in the Tank as a form of torture.
Let it be chaos!
~ Big D during the climax.
I don't want to leave.
~ Big D, admitting he doesn't truly want to leave the Tank to remain a selfish tyrant.
Let me out of here!
~ Big D's last words, demanding that he be released from the fishbowl he's trapped in.


  • It's very possible that the "D" in Big D's title stands for "dictator", as he uses his propaganda to continue his dictatorship over the sealife in the Tank.
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