Brian Taylor: "So, Mr. Big Evil, why do they call you Big Evil?"  

Big Evil: "Cause, my evil's big."                                                                                 

Big Evil is the main antagonist of the 2012 film End of Watch.  He was played by Maurice Compte.


Big Evil

Big Evil is a very aggressive member of a Latino gang called the Curbside Gang based in south central LA, which is allied with the Sinaloa Cartel. He first appears with his fellow gang members when they do a drive-by at the house of a local Bloods gang member named Tre, and the gang successfully kills one of Tre's friends. A few nights later, officers Taylor and Zavala, along with several other police officers, investigate a noise complaint due to a large party. Taylor has a mild confrontation with Big Evil. The two cops then go to Big Evil's mother's house, where they follow a truck and find golden AK-47s and a large amount of money in it. Taylor and Zavala eventually bust a large human trafficking cell in a house, also finding several weapons on the scene. The ICE arrives and kick the officers off the scene, warning that the house was in fact connected to the Sinaloa Cartel and that they might want to lay low in case of any reprisal. The cartel puts a contract killing on the two officers, and the Curbside Gang takes up the offer. The gang discusses the hit, and Big Evil promises to take them all to Las Vegas with the money earned from killing the two cops. They follow the officers, planning a drive-by, but decide that they will need heavier firepower to take them out. Big Evil's gang draws in the two officers on a later night with a recklessly driving car, leading them into the apartment complex where the gang attempts to gun them down with AK-47s. The officers shoot their way out of the apartment complex in to an alleyway and kill several gang members, but Taylor is shot in the chest. Zavala tends to Taylor, who seemingly dies, as Big Evil and his surviving gang members corner Zavala and empty their weapons into his back, killing him. Big Evil and his gang try to escape, happy with their success, but several squad cars surround them, ordering them to stand down. The gang refuses to back down, and aim their weapons at the police. The police open fire and Big Evil is killed as him and his gang are gunned down by the LAPD. It is later revealed that Taylor survived the shooting.
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