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Argh! Ye not be winning with a hat like that. And once I win, I'll take your hats.
~ Big Hat Pirate

Big Hat Pirate is a villain in Nitrome game Mutiny. He is fought on levels 7 and 15, making him the most recurring antagonist in the game. He also appears in his zombie form sitting on a tree branch on Nitrome's horror skin.


Big Hat Pirate has a white tooth, a gold tooth, a black tooth and purple hair and beard. He has a red bandana which somehow turned pink when he was a zombie and a big black bandana. As a zombie his skin is light green, his eyes are red and his shirt is torn.


Unlike most pirates Big Hat Pirate is interested in stealing hats only and is willing to go to extreme lengths to get them from other people.


Big Hat Pirate makes his first appearance in level 7 Marooned where he meets two of the pirates controlled by the player and attacks them in an attempt to steal their hats. Here he can be taken down by blockading him in with crates and waiting until he uses an explosive, using the player's weapons to toss him into the water and/or striking him 22 times with weapons. His own weapons on this level include cherry bombs, rum bottles, bananas and boulders.

Big Hat Pirate is seen for a second time on level 15 Mega Beach where he has somehow turned into a zombie. In this level he's battling the player's pirates on a large beach and he now has cherry bombs and tidal waves in his arsenal. A sure way to take him down on this level is to dodge his attacks until he eventually kills himself with his own tidal waves.

Powers and Abilities

  • Weaponry usage: While battling his opponents Big Hat Pirate showed a proficiency with weapons by using cherry bombs, bananas, boulders and rum bottles.
  • Causing tidal waves: When he came back to life as a zombie, Big Hat Pirate was able to have tidal waves to show up.


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