Big Mac is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1979 live action film The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again.

He was portrayed by the late Jack Elam, who also played Bad Jack Cutter in Hawmps?.


After Amos and Theodore are transferred to the military prison, they learn that the real boss of the place is Big Mac. Sometime later, they stumble upon Mac's hideout underneath the prison and overhear a plan to rob a train carrying army payroll. Impressed by the duo's unorthodox shooting skills, Mac recruits them for the upcoming heist, ordering them to meet at the Variety Saloon in Buffalo Springs by noon. Theodore and Amos pretend to cooperate; yet they have no interest in associating with the gang. Once in town, they seek protective custody from the local sheriff, but the only law enforcement officer close at hand is Marshal Wooly Bill Hitchcock. As the noon rendezvous nears, Amos and Theodore disguise themselves as dancehall girls to avoid Mac and his gang.

During their act, Clarise the donkey comes into the saloon, and Amos and Theodore escape with her through the back door, derailing Hitchcock on the way. To evade Mac's gang again, they trade Clarise for a pair of Indian blankets and camouflage themselves as squaws before boarding a train. They realize too late that they are on the train targeted by Mac. Meanwhile, knowing that the army payroll is on board, Jeff jumps on top of the moving train in the hope of catching the army supply thieves. Further along the route, Mac stands by to receive the loot, along with the secret informer from Fort Concho, Ravencroft, who has been profiting from the army raids by providing classified information on key shipments. On board the train, three of Mac's men take control of the guarded compartment containing the army payroll. Suddenly, Indians ambush the train and bring it to a stop. Nearby, they also corner Mac and Ravencroft. With the train, passengers and gang surrounded, the Indian chief explains that he is not interested in the money onboard, only the squaw blankets worn by Amos and Theodore. Calling it a "dirty white man's trick", the Indian complains that the donkey they traded ran away. When Mac's gang pulls off the blankets, everyone laughs at Amos and Theodore dressed as dancehall girls. Watching from the top of a train car, Jeff witnesses Ravencroft's alliance with Mac and announces that he and his outlaw friends are under arrest. Before Mac's gang is able to respond, Amos and Theodore manage to detain them at gunpoint.


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