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That was a nightmare... Thanks!
~ Big Mama after returning into her original form

Big Mama is the optional final boss of Rayman Origins. She serves as an optional boss when the player chooses the option "Land of the Livid Dead". She used to be a giant monster with tentacles until her defeat, she reverts into her original form, a Nymph.

She is voiced by Gabrielle Shrager in her Nymph form and is hinted that she was voiced by Michel Ancel, as a monster.

Role in the game

She first appeared in the game when the player chose the final option The "Land of the Livid Dead". Big Mama is first seen painting her fingernails until she notices the player and starts the battle. The player must avoid the bracelets and not fall in the lava. To defeat her, the player must hit the Bubo that appears in her arm and attack to her eyes, now blinded, Big Mama will still try to attack Rayman and then he must hit her in the eyes again where a Bubo is on. Once defeated, the Big Mama returns to her uncorrupted form and thanks Rayman for saving her.

Rayman Jungle Run

Can see only him in unlockable images, the hidden trophy/achievement Nothing Lasts Forever. She could say that he feels a great interest towards Rayman, that they even share together in two occasions. 

Rayman Legends

Will returned as a boss in a Back to Origins mode, similar way as he did in the previous game.


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