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The Big Mom Pirates are an infamous crew of very powerful pirates crew led one of the Yonko Charlotte Linlin, better known as Big Mom. The crew's foundation is built around the Charlotte Family, which consists of Big Mom herself, 43 husbands, 39 daughters, and 46 sons. They also control and run the powerful country Totto Land and operation from its main island Whole Cake Island. They have recently joined the Beast Pirates in an alliance for world domination. They are the main antagonists in the Whole Cake Island Arc, one of the main antagonist groups in the Wano Country Arc, and one of the central antagonist groups in the Yonko Saga in One Piece.


Main Crew

The Big Mom Pirates are structured under a main group of pirates who sail under Big Mom, and have several crews subordinate to them, the crew being able to function as a huge fleet. Like the Donquixote Pirates and Beast Pirates, the crew's hierarchy has the captain, elite officers, normal officers, and legions of rank-and-files. Big Mom, as captain, is in charge with the Three Sweet Commanders are directly under her and several other officers and lower-ranking members to them. The Big Pirates are strongly built around the Charlotte Family as many children of the family serve as higher-ups in the crew. The bulk of the crew is made up of combatants and soldiers.

Three Sweet Commanders

The Three Sweet Commanders are the top-ranking officers of the Big Mom Pirates, second only to Big Mom in rank, authority, respect and strength. They are Cracker, Smoothie and Katakuri who are also children of the Charlotte Family. They have some highest known bounties in One Piece. Their strength is considered so great that defeating of them is though unspeakable to the entire crew. In retaliation, they send an army to deal with the one who defeated the Sweet Commander.


Like the Sweet Commanders, most of the children in the Charlotte Family are the officers of the crew. They are regarded as among the elite and strong fighters. Four in particular Perospero, Compote, Daifuku, and Oven, are referred to as "monsters" with Smoothie and Katakuri by Vito along, implying that they are almost as strong as the Sweet Commanders.


Combatants are members of the crew whose specialty is combat and are sent out on jobs outside of Totta Land. If considered worthy, a combatant is giving a rank such as Tamago and Bobbin who are ranked knight and bishop respectively. None of the combatants are family members with the exception of Capcone Bege, a rookie pirate of the Worst Generation and captain of the Firetank Pirates.

Soldiers and Homies

The soldiers are the lowest-ranking and weakest members in the crew, but despite this, they are made up of several different races like humans, long-arms, minks, and dwarfs, and have great diversity in appearance. Big Mom through her devil fruit ability, has created an army of beings called Homies who can living things or inanimate objects. Many of them serve directly in the crew such as Randolph. The Chess Soldiers are chess-themed humanoid Homies who serve as the main basic military force in Totto Land, and infantry in the crew. There a six ranks of Chess Soldiers all based on the actual chess pieces.


Lead by a Yonko, they are one four most powerful pirate crews in the world. Many members have shown to very capable fighters of their own right, being able to fight and defeat rookie pirates like Caribou and several rookie pirates of the Worst Generation. Because of Big Mom's devil fruit ability to put souls into animals and inanimate objects, she creates unlimited armies of soldiers known as "Homies" that are even able to overwhelm strong opponents. The Sun Pirates, a powerful crew in their own right, were terrified of the thought of losing favor and flee when their captain Jimbei cut ties with her.


Totto Land Grand Fleet

The Totto Land Grand Fleet is a massive fleet of ships owned and captained by the crew. The most important ship is the Queen Mama Chanter, while the officers captain their own ships. The majority of ships are made up of Tartes and paddle ships.

Queen Mama Chanter

The Queen Mama Chanter is the Big Mom Pirates' flag ship

Protected Terrotories

  • Totto Land (Home):
    • Whole Cake Island (Base of Operations)
    • 100% Island
    • Biscuits Island
    • Black Island
    • Cacao Island
    • Candy Island
    • Cheese Island
    • Cutlery Island
    • Flavor Island
    • Fruits Island
    • Funwari Island
    • Futoru Island
    • Ice Island
    • Jam Island
    • Jelly Island
    • Kibo Island
    • Kimi Island
    • Kinko Island
    • Komugi Island
    • Liqueur Island
    • Loving Island
    • Margarine Island
    • Milenge Island
    • Noko Island
    • Nuts Island
    • Package Island
    • Piepie Island
    • Poripori Island
    • Potato Island
    • Rokumitsu Island
    • Tanga Island
    • Three Meals Island
    • Topping Island
    • Unique Island
    • Yakigashi Island
  • Fish-Man Island (Formerly)

Crew Members


Three Sweet Commanders



Other Members

Big Mom's Homies



During Timeskip


Fish-Man Island Saga


Fish-Man Island Arc


Dressrosa Saga


Punk Hazard Arc


Dressrosa Arc


Yonko Saga


Zou Arc


Whole Cake Island Arc


Levely Arc


Wano Country Arc



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